The Blogroll

A Blogroll is a place to promote other sites one enjoys reading. The sites listed below have been inspiring to me; many of them accomplish what I merely attempt. They spread free thought and ideas. Don’t be surprised if you disagree with some of what you find, that’s your right as a reader. None of the authors would be offended by it, I don’t think.

A Time to Laugh – Camille Lewis

Dr. Lewis’ site was the beginning for many of us. Here you’ll find the story of her journey through and out of fundamentalism, laid out with great candor and just a pinch of humor. From time to time Dr. Lewis will also post old docs or letters she’s found in her extensive research on BJU and fundy origins. This kind of original research is pure gold, often revealing things which wouldn’t exactly be spoken of on Heritage Day.

Stuff Fundies Like

Ahhhh yes. The antidote to Sharper Iron. SFL is one part comedy, one part brilliant exposé, and one part awesome comments. If you grew up in a too-strict Christian environment, you’ll howl at the scathing satire to be found here. Whether it’s fundy arguments on CCM, pants on women, or just crazy rantings, everything here is all too familiar. Even if you didn’t grow up in a Hyles-Anderson type church, the underlying philosophies will be starkly familiar. Major time sinkhole here.

Representing Bob Jones University
For years, fundy preachers and teachers railed against the evil power of social networking sites and the internet in general. Now, those words are coming back to bite them as sites like this document embarrassing fundy online activities. My own Facebook threads have been mentioned a few times, even! This site is relatively new, and we look forward to further revelations to come.

BJU Numbers
More fascinating research on things BJU would rather not disclose. This site makes BJU’s finances its main focus, and has managed to ferret out all manner of budget info. Given the school’s recent financial troubles and the cutbacks in faculty pay, these folks have been busy, busy busy.

Sayings of the Other Joneses
A repository of less-than-helpful quotes by the Jones family. Racial issues, mean-spirited remarks, arrogance, xenophobia. It’s all here.