BJU F/S Meeting Slated for 7PM, 6/30–Full Details

BJU President Stephen Jones has invited faculty and staff to a special meeting this evening, June 30th, 2011. A bit odd, having a semi-secret gathering in the middle of the summer, when many staffers are on vacation, etc? You’d be right to think so. In fact this is, to my knowledge, totally unprecedented.

The meeting’s location is left unannounced in the official memo, which we have managed to obtain and will publish below. Perhaps the “executive team” is feeling a bit skittish after the last meeting was secretly recorded and uploaded to the interwebs (you can hear the meeting here)? Whatever the reason, we’d be delighted if that same helpful person preserved this momentous gathering for us as well.

So, without further dilly-dallying, here is the official email from Stephen Jones to all faculty and staff, sent last week.


I trust that all of you are enjoying the summer months and that you can point to many ways in which the Lord is working in each of your lives!

Many of you have expressed concern and assured me of your prayers regarding my health. It means the world to know that so many are praying. Due to my absence over the past few months, however, some of you have also expressed your concerns as to how my continued recovery is affecting the ongoing operation of the University and whether we’re moving forward one decision at a time or guided by a long-term plan.

Over the past year, the executive team has been formulating a strategic plan to guide the University over the next five years. In May, the board approved the plan, and this past Monday, I rolled it out to the administration. Since we all will begin to work on some of the initiatives immediately, I want to inform faculty and staff right away of the details of the plan and where the University is headed over the next five years.

I will be presenting the five-year plan next Thursday evening, June 30th at 7:00PM on campus for faculty and staff, and if you are in the Greenville area, I am inviting you to come in for this meeting, which will last approximately one hour. If you are not in the Greenville area at this time, please be assured that we will get you up to speed at the start of the semester.

Please reply to this email indicating your attendance with a “yes” or “no” by 5:00PM on Wednesday, June 29. we will send out an email Thursday morning with the location.

May the Lord continue to bless your ministry for Him this summer! I will see you on Thursday, Lord willing!

Thank you,

Stephen Jones