Audio from BJU’s “5 Year Plan” Faculty Meeting

This meeting took place on June 30th, 2011.

Well, this one came rather unannounced! While visiting the audio archives of Fundypedia, I happened upon this little nugget–apparently it’s been released for a few hours now, and has several dozen views. Obviously I can’t claim credit for this, nor even for having a “source” that got it for me. Nope, just a little internet serendipity for ya.


BJU’s 5-Year Plan


5 thoughts on “Audio from BJU’s “5 Year Plan” Faculty Meeting

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  2. Terry

    Not a whole lot of substance that I was hoping to hear. I kept thinking, “When is he going to get to the real meat of the plan–the specifics?” Then, at the end, I think he got to it. That BJU would remain true to the vision of DrBobSr to remain a *fundamentalist* institution standing for the absolute authority of Scripture. To me the closing remarks were a declaration that not much, if anything, that makes BJU what it is will change. Within the framework of the University’s perception of what the absolute authority of Scripture is, nothing can change–ever. “Absolute Authority of Scripture.” What does that expression really mean? Does it mean that everything that BJU teaches about the Bible is based upon it? Or does it mean that BJU teaches its own traditions, and then bases them in Scripture after the fact?

    There is a huge difference and not many IFB people see it. They see what their pastor says as the “word of God” because no fundamentalist pastor would preach anything that is not in the Word of God – – and look! The pastor even gave verses to support what he told us! Our pastor is God’s mouthpiece to us! He helps us understand the Bible where we cannot. Whatever our pastor says is the final determination on what any passage of Scripture means [this is an increasingly common statement which can be found in more and more church doctrinal statements–check it out for yourself.] The pastor (or the leader of the institution) is the final authority even on what the Bible says and means! Where have we seen this very same thing in history?

    BJU leads the IFB on a precarious path–and both may be headed for the ditch!

    1. Clinton Verley Post author

      Terry-I think you may have saved me the job of analyzing this snooze-fest of a meeting. You ferreted out so many of the killer problems in the BJU thinking.

      There’s no change here, just the same old junk.

  3. nate

    Booooring! Not sure why this needed to be kept secret. No big deal, really. So encouraging to know there is a massive, growing movement of passionate Christians evangelizing the world, not hooked on pointless, unnecessary crap like this waste of time. Praise Jesus for that!

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