Read and Weep

(Today’s Stuff Fundies Like post was just too powerful. I couldn’t keep it to myself, so I’m repeating the contents of a letter published there.)

This is for those of you who still believe in what BJU has to sell–who still give Bob Jones III the benefit of the doubt despite his shameful track record on racial issues.

As you read this horrific tirade against an alumni named “Peter”, keep in mind a couple things:

1. Bob Jones III has NEVER repented of his sin of racism. His appearance on Larry King Live was nothing more than a PR move, filled with backpedaling and ridiculous excuses.

2. Peter’s letter was written asking how BJU could justify its no-interracial-dating stance in the light of Moses’ marriage to an Ethiopian. Now, this is a pretty weak way to attack BJU’s racism, but BJIII just couldn’t resist the chance to go a little crazy.

3. All emphasis is mine. Here you go:

Dear Peter:

As a young man, you would do yourself a favor to back off and listen to your family and others who know a lot more about the road of life than you do [aka other racists like me] because we have been there.

No, I can’t see your point of view [that BJU’s interracial dating policy is unbiblical]. I am sorry. I don’t suppose that surprises you.

You don’t have to agree with the school’s position on this matter to stay here, obviously; but you do have to keep your disagreement to yourself, because griping isn’t tolerated.

As I mentioned the other day in chapel, 40-50 years ago in America, it was understood by believers, North and South, that interracial dating was not proper. There would have been a few radicals, of course, that would not have agreed, but it wasn’t even discussed in churches because it was just understood.

You and others of your generation who have allowed yourselves to be brainwashed by the media have been sold a bill of goods.

Yes, Moses married a non-Jew. That was what he was criticized for, and the issue for which Miriam, his sister, was judged by God was her criticism of the leader God had appointed and the divisiveness that it brought. The race of Ethiopians has to do with what part of Ethiopia they came from. Haile Selassie, the former ruler of Ethiopia, and the ruling family are not black [an embarrassing factual error]. To make a racial issue out of this is to argue a point beyond all reason.

I could spend my time dealing with this issue, but I am not inclined to because I don’t think you really want to know but that you want to argue. Forgive me if I have misjudged you, but that is how your note comes across.

Kind regards.



15 thoughts on “Read and Weep

  1. patrickfitzmichael

    I don’t give a crap what Bob Jones and his religious group think about interracial dating. It’s their business, not mine.

    I happen to be married to woman from Taiwan. She doesn’t care either. We’d simply not attend his church.

    I don’t know why you care, personally. Seems weird.

    1. nate

      You’d care if you were one of the people they lord themselves over. It’s a lot easier to say that when you’re not trapped in their fantasy world. It matters a lot, actually.

      1. Anonymous

        But is this really the way to handle it? I mean, do you think Paul would have blogged his response? If you really have an issue with Bob Jones then why don’t you go talk to him face to face and respectfully. Is this really how Matthew 18 would instruct you to act? Galatians 6:1 commands those who are strong to restore a spiritually weak brother. Titus 1 says we are to rebuke gently. Do you think this blog post will make a difference? Is this gentleness? Don’t worry about how Dr. Bob would react or respond. Is your response biblical?

      2. Clinton Verley Post author

        OK Anonymous, I’ll bite. I’d be fully justified in deleting your comment for the Bible Trolling it is, but here goes.

        “Do you think Paul would have blogged his response”
        Yes–Paul wrote in the popular medium of his day, which was hand-written letters which were then read aloud, publicly, to various churches. Paul never shied away from publicly exposing and condemning people who deserved it. Are you comfortable with the passage where Paul wishes his enemies would castrate themselves?

        “If you really have an issue with Bob Jones then why don’t you go talk to him face to face and respectfully. Is this really how Matthew 18 would instruct you to act?”
        Sigh. This is NOT a Matthew 18 situation, and even my opponents at BJU agree that is the case. Your use of the passage is merely a deflection; I’ll not be troubled by it.

        “Do you think this blog post will make a difference?”
        Yes, it has made a difference–people are starting to find out the truth about this school and its Chancellor in particular. Truth which your tactics can do nothing to hide, not anymore.

      3. Anonymous

        I didn’t want you to bite. I’m on your side. I just want to do what’s most effective. I’ll give you the fact that Matt. 18 might be a stretch, but I think you could still use it as a basic guideline. But ya know what, let’s just throw that out. What about Galatians 6:1? Sure, let’s go tell some people to castrate themselves when they distort the gospel. I’ll go with you. I mean that. Tell me when. All I’m trying to be is balanced. So why attack me? Why not see that we are on the same team? I thought I was leaving fundamentalism because they were legalistic and divisive. I hope I don’t have to see the other side is the same. By all means be outspoken for truth, but rebuke gently and in meekness. I hope we see the remnants of racism die out; I hope we can do it with the least amount of friendly fire. I’m praying with you that the Gospel prevails.

      4. Kaje

        Directed towards “anonymous” … I know Clint has already answered your question, but as another example of Paul extremely publicly rebuking yet another public figure (and that’s important, since we all know BJIII is indeed a VERY public figure) would be found in Galatians. He publicly rebuked Peter and get this – it’s preserved in Scripture for ALL TIME. So yes, Paul does endorse, even ENCOURAGE, publicly rebuking the sinning public figure. (Apologies for the frequent use of the word “public”)

      5. Anonymous

        You are right, Kaje. And I think rebuking a person openly to his face is right as well. That’s exactly what Paul did. He rebuked Peter to his face in an open forum. I never said public rebuking was wrong. I’ll be praying with you as well that racism in the church dies out and that the gospel will prevail.

  2. Amanda

    Semi-sorta in reply to this blog…the link in your text that reads “shameful track record” (links to no longer works; it links to a video loop of fish and “so long and thanks for all the fish” in several languages. I think the entire blog redirects to that. Anyone else noticed?

  3. ukforchrist

    Anonymous sounds like my sister. Constantly telling me to let God deal with people who do wrong. Trouble is John the Baptist called the Pharisees ‘Brood of Vipers. and Jesus ‘Fools and Hypocrites. I was also told that by getting involved I was not trusting God to deal with them in his own time. As for making a difference a lot of the people I speak to simply tell me your a bitter man that needs to correct his attitude and won’t read the links i send them. I’m not saying I believe that but thats the feedback i’m getting.

  4. nate

    I don’t understand why people LOVE it when preachers publicly speak out against sin, but HATE it when bloggers publicly blog out against sin. Is there that much of a difference?

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