Bob Jones III and the Big Gamble

Well, it’s been a busy Autumn for Bob Jones University–and doubly so for those of us keeping tabs on the school’s less-than-honorable activities. Several stories dominated the headlines earlier this season, most notably declining enrollment and the Stephen Jones Disappearing Act. With national college enrollment trending drastically upwards in the last few years, curious minds are asking: what else besides a sputtering economy might explain BJU’s shrinking student body? Perhaps the best answer comes from University Chancellor Bob Jones III himself, who explained in a February 4th faculty meeting that

The bulk of our student body over the years came from Christian schools…[that’s] evaporating before our eyes. I don’t know where the next generation will come from.

But all that is just the place-setting. A new controversy is once again bringing the local and national spotlight to 1700 Wade Hampton Blvd., and it’s a biggie.

Bob Jones University Enrollment 2007-2011

Many readers will already be familiar with the story of Tina Anderson and her rapist Ernie Willis–Willis’ trial attracted the attention of Christians around the world after he was arrested in 2010 due to a Facebook post hinting at the then 13-year-old story. In particular, the trial resonated with abuse victims whose suffering has gone unnoticed in church situations sickeningly like Tina’s.

But not everyone agrees on Tina’s story, and here’s where things turn ugly (and dangerous for the Bastion of Fundamentalism). Before the trial, defenders of the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement of which Tina’s abuse was a tangential result asked us to “get the facts” before judging Tina’s Pastor, Chuck Phelps, and his passivity in reporting Tina’s abuse.

With the trial over and Willis convicted and imprisoned, we can now safely say the following: Chuck Phelps, despite his claims to the contrary, didn’t do nearly enough to report the rape of his young parishioner Tina. He claims to have contacted the police repeatedly back in 1997, reporting Willis’ crime and asking the police to take action. When they didn’t, Phelps figured he’d done his part and resumed business as usual at Trinity Baptist Church. Willis remained as a church member and Tina, who had become pregnant due to her rape, moved to Colorado where her child was born. Phelps’ and Tina’s stories sharply diverge here: Phelps claims that Tina relocated at the urging of her mother and admits no responsibility for her removal, however convenient it may have been for his reputation. Tina says the move was a deliberate cover-up to protect the high-ranking men of Trinity Baptist, most prominently Willis and Phelps.

Chuck Phelps on the stand

But you don’t even have to take Tina’s side to see how criminally neglectful Phelps was in 1997 and the years that followed. To put it simply: any pastor who, discovering that a rape has been committed upon a young girl in his congregation, does anything less than confronting and immediately bringing the rapist into police custody is passive. Phelps was wrong every minute of every day that he allowed Willis to remain in his church and free to harm other children. His excuses here serve only to show the pathetically low standard to which IFB preachers hold themselves in abuse situations–a standard which is coming under increasing scrutiny.

All of this is coming to a head now, and here’s why. Chuck Phelps has this year been blessed with a truly great Fundamentalist blessing: he’s been named to the Board of Bob Jones University. This fact has not gone unnoticed among BJU alumni–particularly in the world of social media, where the official BJU page has become a kind of bulletin board for angry reactions from a wide range of observers. Alumni, current students, and people who’ve no relation to the University at all. A petition has garnered hundreds of signatures. Everyone wants to know: why is Phelps being honored with this position when his actions, regardless of which story you believe, were hopelessly un-Pastoral?

Bob Jones III clarified the school's support of Phelps during a Chapel message.

And now, for the Big Gamble. In the absence of President Stephen Jones, the school’s philosophical, spiritual and political direction has fallen once again to Stephen’s father, Bob Jones III. This Jones is also the Chairman of BJU’s Board and thus directly responsible for Phelps’ nomination to and acceptance on it. So: while the storm rages at Penn State, while national attention is fixed on the topic of sexual abuse, Bob Jones III faces a choice. Renounce the ties to Phelps, repent of a shameful culture of secrecy and neglect of children –or Stand Without Apology for Phelps and take the Big Gamble that controversy will not engulf BJU yet again.

Today, in a chapel message sure to be long remembered, Bob Jones III answered–with The Gamble.

Sexual molestation–it will not be swept under the rug, it never has been. It’s not the way we operate. It’s always reported to the authorities…Nobody would be kept on the Board or on the faculty who did things like that, who swept things under the rug.

The answer from Bob Jones III on the Phelps situation is clear: he’s our man. We stand behind what he’s done, and we admit no wrongdoing on his part.

It would have been easier, you might think, for BJU to simply ask Phelps to resign his Board membership. But that’s not how they do things. It never has been. When the school was embroiled in controversy over its racist dating policies, BJU stuck by their outrageous “scriptural support” until the media scrutiny was so fierce that they had to recant. But repenting and admitting wrong is not in the Jones DNA, and any reversal of BJU policy must be coupled with an assertion than no wrong was ever done in the first place. The dating policy was an “insignificant thing”, Bob Jones III told Larry King. That was a lie, and Bob Jones Sr. bears testimony to that.

BJU alumni react on Facebook. Click to enlarge.

But this gamble is bigger, because Bob Jones III has gone on record in public support of Phelps and in opposition to the efforts of concerned onlookers to bring change–efforts which Jones calls “Satanic”. Don’t believe me? Just look at this site, which is chronicling email responses received from BJU board members in support of Phelps.

BJU’s gamble is that the world won’t notice their foolish endorsement of Phelps. That the light of justice which is sweeping over so many ugly, well-hidden truths at schools across the country won’t shine on them. I wouldn’t bet on that.


53 thoughts on “Bob Jones III and the Big Gamble

  1. Amanda

    Stuff like this does make me wonder if Stephen Jones’ illness is more than coincidental…and apparently I’m not the only one.

    I hope BJU is prepared for the justice that will come to them, however and whenever it comes.

  2. tfcpunk87

    “any pastor who, . . . does anything less than confronting and immediately bringing the rapist into police custody is passive.”

    So instead of reporting the crime to the police multiple times, the pastor should have physically forced the accused person into jail himself? If the police didn’t believe the allegations, why should he? What happened to innocent until proven guilty (by the time the accusations reached trial, Willis had been gone from Phelp’s church for several years)? Why would he believe a girl who had the reputation of a liar over a deacon in a case of he said/she said? Chuck Phelps biggest crime was not being omniscient.

    1. Stitch

      He should have followed up instead of just assuming the police would take care of it. He should not have arranged/suggested that the victim be removed from the state in a capacity that would not allow the police to find her. Also, the only people who accused Tina of being a liar have proven themselves to be liars or strictly incompetent (such as her mother who is still married to the man who physically abused both of her children and sexually molested Tina, and Chuck Phelps saying one thing on his website and to the media, then revealing in a court of law that he’d been lying all along after his notes were admitted as evidence).

    2. Paul

      Yes, tfcpunk87. In this particular case, when he confronted Willis and Willis confessed to it being true, he should have taken Willis to the police.

      It never should have gotten that far. He should have reported it to the police and had them come out to speak with Tina as soon as he heard. It wasn’t his place (without training) to deal with this and discern whether there was fault or not.

      1. Matt

        ummmm nooooo…….Pastor Phelps in that video said “It was an accusation. Accusation doesn’t prove being guilty.”

  3. Ken Smith

    Stitch, Stitch, Stich. Don’t you have better things to do, like beg for gas money from your few blog readers so you can get something else pierced?

    Chuck Phelps called the police 3 times and also called social services.

    Maybe since Tina went on a date with Willis after he raped her, and then lies about that to everyone involved, maybe Phelps had reason to wonder if she was lying about other things?

    1. Clinton Verley Post author

      Ken, my gut reaction was to delete your comment. But I really think the best thing is to leave it up so everyone can see how vicious you are.

      1. Ken Smith

        I’m not vicious, but it don’t bother me none if you think I am. Stitch knows I just speak my mind. And she knows I did her a big favor a while back by advising her to take her real name off her blog.

        I just think it’s utterly ridiculous for her to beg for money on the internet and then brag about her expensive piercings.

    2. Paul

      Yeah, Ken, our good hose here is right, your comments show just what an ass you can be. You attack without concern for the person.

      So since Chuck knew that, at the least, he was dealing with a statutory rapist, it is OK that he didn’t pursue justice and gave Tina the bum’s rush out of town? Also, since several officials reported under oath that Chuck never filed the mandatory paper report, it doesn’t really matter that he didn’t since he (with all his excellent training from BJU on dealing with rape) figured he couldn’t trust Tina.

      I guess you may be right. After all, with the deception Chuck pulled over on the church, and the hedging he’s done since this story became public, he is probably an expert at lies. Maybe that’s how he can be so sure that Tina was lying. (Or maybe it is because every liar believes everyone else lies just as much as they do.)

      Anyway, stay so classy, Ken, your messages are going to continue to be masked by your personality.

    3. froggie

      If Tina went on a date with Willis (which is of course total crap), where’s your concern that a married man went on a date with a fifteen year old? Where’s your judgment for this Baptist deacon? Maybe it’s because you’d do the same. Your silence on the issue is deafening. One can only deduce that you support perverts, but not their victims. Spend your life defending people like Chuck Phelps. It’s such a noble cause.

      1. Ken Smith

        She did go on a date with him on her birthday. Check the transcripts. She also continued her driving lessons with him after the first rape. Check the transcripts. And Willis was not a deacon.

        Now, all that having been said, here’s my point: All the lies about Phelps don’t help your cause, they just give the other side ammunition.

        I’ve said this time and time again, the TRUTH was enough. But when all the lying started against Chuck Phelps, the moral high ground was lost.

        That’s just a lesson from an old man, take it or leave it.

  4. Dan Keller

    Here again, Ken shows his utter stupidity in how adolescent minds work. Science has shown that the brain isn’t totally developed until between 21-27 years. Why would anybody think a 15 year old girl would have the reasoning capability of a 30 year old woman? Tsk, tsk, Ken. You should be ashamed. Gosh, a 15 year old girl lied about something. Go figure!

      1. Rachel

        Ken Smith quoting verses about people being known by their actions. THAT, my friends, is irony at its best.

  5. jp

    1. Phelps (nor anyone else) can take someone to the police if they don’t want to go. Only the police can arrest and force a person to come in for questioning.

    2. Tina being removed from the home where her mother lived with a child molester was a good thing, and I would think Phelps should at least be commended for getting her out of there.

    3. The police should have known where Tina was. They dropped the ball. Back in 1997, phone lines went all the way to Colorado, and email even existed. It is a complete copout to claim that the police didn’t know and couldn’t find out where she was. Willis had to sign the adoption papers in Colorado, which meant that the medical staff and child services in Colorado knew where he was. Why didn’t they take action and report it? They are legally bound to report the matter. Is anyone investigating them?

  6. Dan Keller

    JP, are you for real? That’s the dumbest stuff I’ve heard in a long time. It belongs with Chuck Phelps’ website.

  7. tewjr

    Wow, JP, your head is in the sand just as much as Ken’s is, and that’s pretty far.

    1. Phelps made an oral report to the police but did not follow up in writing as required. And police have to *find* someone before they can have them come in for questioning, which I’ll get back to in point #3.

    2. Tina wasn’t removed because she was living with a child molester. At the time of the pregnancy her stepfather was in prison. Please try to learn basic facts before you comment on something.

    3. JP, where am I right now? Why aren’t you calling me? Why aren’t you emailing me? You don’t know where I am?? The police didn’t know where Tina was either, because (wait for it) . . . . . Phelps didn’t return their calls. And Tina’s mom told the police that Tina didn’t want to talk to them, which was not true. As for medical staff in Colorado, Tina is not the first or the last teenager to have a baby in Colorado or any other state. Unless the staff knew the age of the father, they would not think to report anything. Plus, if they did report it to the Colorado police, the Colorado police would have had to refer it back to the New Hampshire police, because the rapes happened in New Hampshire.

    But let me guess . . . you don’t really believe she was raped, do you?

    1. Ken Smith

      That’s a bunch of baloney. Phelps called the police THREE times and called social services to report what he knew. Since when and where do police depend on some kind of fictional “written” report to investigate crimes?

      I can tell you right now that’s a straight up fantasy.

      That’s what y’all don’t understand: The truth about this whole sordid matter is enough. But when you go on and on and make things up that are just bold faced LIES, you completely damage your case and lose all credibility.

      1. tewjr

        And Ken, on another page you stated that you did think that Tina was raped, at least in a statutory sense. You also said that you thought the police work was shoddy. And Tina’s mom did NOT call the police, nor did Olson take any reporting action. I am still waiting for you to criticize any of those people half as much as you have criticized Tina, who was 15 years old at the time.

        And, as I stated on that other blog, this whole mindset of blaming the victim is a relic of a much earlier time, when there was a lot more chauvinism and more of a tendency to blame the woman for tempting a man to rape her. You calling yourself an old man here reinforces my point: you have the chauvinistic views of an earlier time period. Welcome back to the 1950’s, Ken.

  8. EK

    Matt Olson had an obligation to report what he knew about 15 year old Tina being impregnated by 38 year old Willis. Olson failed to report what he knew to the Colorado police and child protective services. He did not believe Tina when she stated that she had been raped. He made her write a letter to Willis’ wife apologizing!

    Olson is just as culpable as Phelps. Willis would not have been able to remain in Phelps’ church in good standing if Olson hadn’t taken Tina in. Way to go Matt Olson.

    Would you trust your daughter to attend Northland as long as Olson is president? What if she were raped by a staff member and became pregnant? What if she told Olson her dad molested her? Do you think Olson would believe her and defend her?

    Not on your life.

  9. thewaterisfine

    Excellent post. The hubris truly is stunning. We are right because God is on our side and God is on our side because we are right…

  10. jp

    Dan, i see you around the internet. Your calling something dumb doesn’t really make much of a statement about anything but you. You continually demonstrate absurdity in argument that is beyond belief. You seem like a parody at times, hired by people like Phelps and BJU as a foil.


    You didn’t really address what I said.

    1. I said nothing about what Phelps did or didn’t do. I commented on the fact that he legally could not force anyone to the police.

    2. You didn’t comment on what I actually said. Perhaps you think Tina was better off living with that tramp of a mom she had. I don’t. And that’s the difference perhaps. I am for defending children, not placing in them in bad situations.

    3. If you really think the police couldn’t find her in CO, then you are truly a few bricks shy of a load. In fact, you are downright ignorant. This wasn’t the 1800s and telegraph machines. This was the day of internet. Your comments on the medical staff in CO are equally astounding. Of course they knew who the father was. He had to sign the paperwork. I have seen his picture from back then. No one would have thought he was a teenager. But even at that, they knew where to find him, and how to contact him. Why didn’t the police? You think Chuck was helping the adoption people but not the police? Seriously? You wanna stick with that story? Cuz it sounds really really dumb.

    Here’s the problem. You folks are so distorted that you say stupid stuff and think no one gets it. The truth is that all but your little circle of sycophants sees right through the nonsense you are peddling. And you are hurting the cause.

    What you guys need to do is just shut up. Quit playing armchair psychologist and armchair lawyer and armchair detective. Remember the old proverb that it’s better to keep your much shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    Bob Jones, Chuck Phelps, and the IFB are idiots. And you guys are just like them. You don’t think. You don’t make sense.

    1. Ken Smith

      “Here’s the problem. You folks are so distorted that you say stupid stuff and think no one gets it. The truth is that all but your little circle of sycophants sees right through the nonsense you are peddling. And you are hurting the cause.”

      I’ve been telling them that for months now. They just keep spouting complete nonsense when the truth would have been quite enough.

    2. tewjr

      Oh but I did answer you. You’re right, Phelps couldn’t force anybody to the police. But he could sure decide to impede the police, which is what he did after the initial calls.

      You said that Tina was sent to Colorado to get away from an abusive stepfather, and I corrected you on that. She was sent away because she was pregnant. Her stepdad was already in prison. Look it up.

      The medical staff in Colorado–wow, you are really hung up on that. Who says they saw his picture? When and where did he sign the birth certificate? Was the adoption handled through an agency or through a lawyer hired by Phelps (think about that one for a moment)?

      And the police in New Hampshire certainly *could* have found Tina if they knew she was in Colorado. But they didn’t. I suppose you could make a case that they should have pursued that more strongly–but you refuse to say that Phelps could simply have picked up the phone and told the NH police, “Hey, thought you should know, Tina went out to Colorado to have her baby.” You are using that to deflect any blame off of Phelps.

  11. Matt

    The case is over. Pastor Phelps probably could have done some things different. God is still good, the gospel is still true, Jesus still lives and wants to radically change our lives. Our heart shouldn’t be for Bob Jones University to “suffer” ……Our heart as believers should be that God radically changes everyone at Bob Jones to the conformity of Jesus Christ and that the surrounding area would see Jesus.

    1. wanabefree

      What a classic deflection of the real topic (some call it a red herring). Our hearts are that God would change people, but that does not relieve us of the responsibility of calling it wrong when BJ U puts a man that has lied about his knowledge of the situation on his website and then told the truth in court on their board.

      On another site, someone asked if we were as concerned with people in our church watching Glee and allowing their worldview to influence us as we were about this situation. Most people believe what you say, but that doesn’t take away from what the problem is. Not taking these issues seriously is what got peole into trouble in the first place. So I am going to do my (admittedly tiny) part to try and shame BJU into taking this man off the board.

  12. jp


    If you think I am deflecting any blame from Phelps, you are even dumber than your posts here make you seem. I am the last person to defend Phelps. I have never been associated in anyway with him or his group.

    Here’s some more examples of your failures to read and think.

    1. I have never seen any evidence that Phelps impeded the police. If the police were some how hung up because Phelps didn’t return a phone call, then they are more inept than they appear. They could have trotted their little selves over the Phelps’ office or his house. They could have compelled his testimony most likely. But they didn’t. Why are you so desirous to let them off the hook? They failed Tina, and they have received apparently no censure for it.

    2. I did not say that Tina was moved to CO “to get away from an abusive stepfather.” That was just a made up lie on your part. I said (and this is a cut and paste so you know I didn’t change it), “Tina being removed from the home where her mother lived with a child molester was a good thing.” There is nothing untrue in that statement. Her mother had lived there with a child molester. “Lived” is past tense in English. The fact that he was in prison at that time didn’t change the fact that her mother lived with him. You perhaps need some remedial English. You must have one of them unaccredited degrees from BJU or something. And when she moved away from that home, it was a good thing. Can you possibly say that Tina would have been better off living with that loser of a mom she had and being in Phelps’ church and school? If so, that’s just more evidence that you are thinking clearly.

    3. I am not hung up on the medical staff in CO. But the fact remains that all medical personnel (both the nurse/clinic in NH, and the staff in CO) have mandatory reporting obligations that have no possible privilege attached whatsoever. Phelps, at least possibly, had privilege. They did not. Yet they are being let off the hook. Why? Probably because they are not IFB and no one really cares if they did their job.

    So again, tewjr, you would be far better off if you would just stop posting. You are making yourself look very bad. You have bought into the nonsense of others who aren’t actually thinking about the issues.

  13. jp

    Correction — Last line of point 2 above should read: If so, that’s just more evidence that you aren’t thinking clearly.

  14. Dan Keller

    Truth is it doesn’t matter what Ken Smith or jp or any of us believe. What matters is what that jury believed. They believed Chuck Phelps’ testimony as was read in court, which is somewhat different than what he posted on his website. They believed the testimony Chuck Phelps’ and his two-bit lawyer tried to keep out of the trial. They did not believe Tina was in an “ongoing consensual relationship that turned sexual.” They believe she was raped with force two different times. So, go ahead and parse out your words and believe liars. The jury saw through Phelps and his grandstanding. That’s what matters.

  15. tewjr

    JP, you are absolutely right. The best possible thing for Tina, probably, was to be out of her mother’s house. Unfortunately it didn’t last long. She was returned right back to it after giving birth, and eventually had to not only live with her abusive stepfather, but also go to church with her rapist. Both of those things were despicable.

    BTW, do you believe she was raped? Not just statutorily raped, but with force?

    1. Ken Smith

      Do you believe that a person who was raped “by force” would go out on a birthday dinner date with their “by force” rapist? Do you believe that a person who was raped “by force” would willingly open their previously locked door and invite their “by force” rapist in? Do you believe that a person raped “by force” would continue their driving lessons with their “by force” rapist, after they were raped?

      1. me

        Ken, this is unbelievable. I never resort to ad hominem attacks in comment threads like this, but you are one *sick* man. She was FIFTEEN years old. What the #%&* does it matter whether she was forcibly raped or not? She was raped! Try to understand the psychology involved in this; she was under a load of guilt, wondering if it was her fault, wondering what to do, at an awkward age which precluded involved discussion of the topics. The piece of $#!% who stole her innocence needs to rot in jail.

        Furthermore, your continued suggestions that this was consensual show you to be a real … well, you get the point. I pity any daughters you may have.

        1. Ken Smith

          Just want to clarify for all y’all who are avoiding the facts and attacking me for bringing them up.

          The big thing in all your minds is that Chuck Phelps didn’t report what happened, when in fact he did report it to the police 3 different times, and to social services.

          He wasn’t told until many years later that this was a “forced, violent rape.” That wasn’t the story he got from Tina at the time. All he had to go on was that she was pregnant, and that she had continued to be around Ernie Willis when the opportunities presented themselves, as in meeting him at the hotel restaurant for dinner to celebrate her 16th birthday, continuing to take driving lessons with him and letting him in her house while her mother was at work.

          Now, obviously she was raped, because at age 15 1/2 she is unable to legally consent. But you all want to tar and feather Chuck Phelps on what the claim about the rape became and how the story changed AFTER Tina accepted gifts and a free vacation from Jocelyn Zictherman.

          Just like her story about losing her job changed AFTER she hooked up with Jocelyn.

          I keep telling y’all this: The truth was enough. Chuck Phelps did a mighty wrong in making that girl stand up before that church and confess when he at the same time allowed Ernie Willis to confess to adultery instead of rape.

          That right there in my mind is enough to see the man never lead a church again. But then you allowed yourselves to allow a hysterical woman to drive the narrative and she wasn’t above lying and changing the story. (Jocelyn.) So now the BJU/pro-Phelps crowd has enough of a reason to dig in. And they can point to Jocelyn giving Tina and Tim a free vacations and gifts and gas cards and then Tina changing her story as “proof” that what THEY are saying is true, that good men are under attack from Satan’s minions.

          The truth was would have been enough.

      2. Dan Keller

        Ken, it doesn’t matter what a teenage girl did. Legally, she was raped. A jury found the man guilty, and Chuck Phelps’ lies have been exposed. I don’t care if Tina showed up naked, she was a minor and the man should have kept his penis to himself.

    2. jp


      I have no idea if she was forcibly raped. I don’t think it matters all that much. She was raped, she has been mistreated by her mom, by Willis, by Phelps, by her church, by the police, by the DA at the time, by Jocelyn Zichterman, and who knows who else. And now the guy who did the crime is in jail for it. And that’s good. Had people (Phelps, police, medical staff in NH, medical staff in CO, adoption agency, prosecutor’s office, etc) done things differently 12 or 13 years ago, it would have happened then.

      I know the trial verdict was guilty, and I accept that, but I also know that trial verdicts are not always correct (as seen by the number of verdicts that get overturned), and statements made under oath are not always true. You also have to remember that juries sometimes get it wrong, based on a variety of things like rules of evidence, rulings from the bench, lying witnesses, incomplete testimony, inept representation, etc.

      In the end, Tina was horribly mistreated by so many people in her life, both before and during this event. And it’s incredibly sad and wrong.

  16. Matt

    I love how the Fundamental Baptists are the ones labeled with the problem…..oh wait, wait….wait!
    I do remember a situation where a more contemporary church had a youth leader who cheated on his wife and left his kid…….but HEY lets not talk about that……
    whoever wrote this post, get your facts straight and get a life……everyone messes up……doesn’t matter what church you go to or what they call themselves….we’re dealing with humans here….the guys in jail: awesome….now move on…..go attack the Catholic church for the priests touching little boys……..what a waste of time this was……

  17. Matt

    I am against ANYONE tho who commits a crime like that tho…..thats wrong….but we shouldnt get stumped here……we need to move on people!!!!

  18. Ken Smith

    Dan, I completely agree with your summatation. She was a teen girl. It wouldn’t matter to me if she begged Ernie Willis to do what he did. He’s as guilty as sin and deserves to be right where he is.

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  20. Matt

    Problems just don’t lie at Northland and Bob Jones….problems like these are all over sadly. It’s because we are all human. Sure, me and you may not have ever been in a sexual abuse scandal, but Jesus radically changed the New Testament when he said that even lusting after a woman is adultery and anger toward another person is murder. Problems are everywhere. Just like the coach who got fired from a public university. People are sinners and things happen. Our job is to stand against wrong and make it right, but also remember that these peoples greatest need is Jesus Christ.

    So after they end up in prison, are we doing anything to give them the Gospel and sharing the REAL truth about Jesus with them? Just some food for thought….

    1. BJUNews Post author

      I’m confused what role these two sentences play in your comment:

      “It’s because we are all human.”
      “People are sinners and things happen.”

      Can you please explain them?

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  22. EBR

    Statuary rape is the rape of a minor by an adult, in her case, somebody much older than she. It doesn’t have to be consensual. There is a term called “jail bait.” States have laws defining how old an individual must be prior to consenting to sex. This also includes laws about people with serious mental deficiencies who are technically chronically the legal age to be an adult but still function at a much younger level. One also looks into situations where a person may not be able to protect oneself due to some type of physical disability. On the workplace, there are laws about sexual harrassment in respect to those serving positions of authority. You also have laws about “fraternization in many places as well. That is consensual but in respect to a person in a higher position of authority with a person who is a subordinate.

    The adults are responsible for protecting the minors. The adults are also responsible for reporting incidents to the police. All involved adults need to be questioned.

    BJU has a criminal justice program and claim they work with the Greenville Police Department as well as other police units in the State of South Carolina. They claim they train students in criminal justice. They have activities for preschoolers, elementary and secondary school, and the undergraduate and graduate university. They also support many schools and youth ministries across the country.

    Parents want to know that their children are safe. Will they feel their students are safe with this most recent decision? He did resign at one point and they reinstated him to the Board of Trustees after an outrcry from many people, including alumni, students, and possibly parents and other patrons. Parents send their children to schools and churches with an expectation of trust and protection. They also expect that the work that the students perform will help them to achieve their goals in their various professions. If something does happen, they expect professionals to hand these matters in a professional matter. These include the President, members of the boards, administration, faculty, and also those affiliated with its ministries to meet certain standards.

    At the time I signed the petition, I was signing for regional accreditation but was also aware of the issue involving Tina Anderson and Chuck Phelps. There is another story about Chuck Phelps in another situation that also needs to be considered as well. These are situations involving judgement on the part of somebody that holds a very high position which may affect the credibility of its own criminal justice programs. Bob Jones University has a very public profile. This involves anyone affiliated or associated with BJU” in the present as well as the past. Those were the two primary issues for which I signed the petition.

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  24. Odell

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