Chuck Phelps, Professor of Pastoral Ethics

A funny thing came to light this week as the BJU/Chuck Phelps connections continue to mount–Phelps has often been invited to teach classes at the school. One screenshot, a search of the BJU database, is particularly striking…

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To the long list of unsettling questions waiting to be answered, BJU must now add:

-Did Chuck Phelps train young ministerial students in how to handle abuse situations?

I wonder if he taught them to use Deuteronomy as a guide for counseling rape victims?

County Prosecutor Wayne Coull: Is it true that you read a verse in the Old Testament to Tina, a verse that said she would be stoned for being raped?

Phelps: I read her a verse in Deuteronomy, and this verse can be taken in context or out of context.

Coull: Read the verse.

Phelps: I don’t have a bible with me.

Coull: (grabs a bible from his briefcase, and walks towards Phelps). I have a bible. Here. Find the verse and read it to us.

Phelps: (fumbles around to find the verse).

Coull: I bookmarked the reference so you could find the verse it easier. Just flip open to the purple bookmark.

Phelps: Deuteronomy 22:23-24, “If a damsel that is a virgin be betrothed unto an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her; Then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die; the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city; and the man, because he hath humbled his neighbour’s wife: so thou shalt put away evil from among you.”

Coull: Did you tell Tina she is lucky that she did not live in those days because she would have been stoned?

Phelps: We are ALL lucky to not live in those days. But I did not tell Tina that. I told her from this verse, it says if the damsel cries out…I told Tina, ‘Tina, we are here to help you…you can scream. We will help you. But she did not call out.

Quote taken from the trial of Ernie Willis, in which Chuck Phelps’ testimony proved disastrous for the defense. Source


22 thoughts on “Chuck Phelps, Professor of Pastoral Ethics

    1. chucklestravels

      Phelps was called by the prosecution that’s correct. He was ruled a Hostile Witness for the prosecution. Whenever a witness provides testimony in court that contradicts or is inconsistent with previous statements, the witness may be ruled a “hostile” witness.

      1. Ken Smith

        Hey Chuckles since you’re posting here and censoring our honest questions on your own blog, can you explain the discrepancies in you saying that Ernie Willis was Tina’s landlord and that’s why she let him in her locked apartment while he mother was at work after he raped her the first time and the fact that they actually lived in a government owned public housing apartment?

  1. Ruthanne Lauhoff

    How did you get that screenshot, Clint? I can’t access the “system sorted” option and several other things…is this archived from 2002? I also didn’t find this course…although if this is from ’02 they may have changed names

    1. Clinton Verley Post author

      I’ve been informed that a simple search for “Chuck Phelps” is all that’s necessary.

    2. chucklestravels

      Follow this link. Enter keyword, Pastoral Ethics and it will come up.

      FWIW: This course was written in 2002, however many have told me it was taught as late as January 2010 by Phelps and Senn.

  2. chucklestravels

    Ken, that was fixed on the blog some time ago, Tina is the one who informed me of my error. I wrote it that she informed me and made the correction but you like to keep it going. No point in approving comments that say the same thing over and over when the problem is not a problem any longer.

    1. Ken Smith

      It’s on your blog now that Ernie Willis was her landlord, when you know it to be false.

      See, that’s the problem you folks have when you get eat up with hate. You think lying about what actually happened is going to be a big stick you can use against BJU and Chuck Phelps. But the truth was a good enough stick.

      Now they go around all day taking print screens of the lies you guys tell and use that as “evidence” against the whole campaign against them.

      If y’ll would have stuck to the truth, including Tina, maybe you’d be getting somewhere instead of being kn own as liars.

  3. David Doran Jr .


    If you’d give me the opportunity to talk with you in person I’d really like to hear your concerns. I’m not particularly concerned with the Phelps situation because it has lots of attention. There seem to be other situations and problems- i’d like to know what you think.

    Would you be willing to meet in person since we both live in SE michigan?

    1. Clinton Verley Post author

      Perhaps we could just discuss it here. Unless you can give me a hint of what issues would be better handled in person?

      1. David Doran Jr .

        The main reason is i’d like to hear what you think about these situations past blog posts- what you’d do to solve the problems etc.
        Because i want to learn your opinions i’d like to hear them in person because the internet tends to skew things. Its well known that people can be much more easily misunderstood in the blogosphere.
        I don’t think there’d be any thing to lose in meeting in person. I tend to thing that comment sections lend to a “mob mentality” rather than detailed conversation.

        you don’t have to take me up on it- but i figured you would based on the time your investing in this.

      2. David Doran Jr .

        But the key is we already know each other, Ken. He and i grew up at churches in the same area. Went to several youth group activities together and even a winter camp. Then he was at BJU while i was i believe. He was in Alpha and I was in Beta but i’m pretty sure Clinton knows enough about me and where i’m from that this isn’t like the Craigs List Killer or something haha.

        We have many mutual friends…
        so what ya think Clinton?

      3. clintonverley Post author

        David definitely isn’t the Craigslist Killer, or anything sinister whatsoever. I don’t see much point in arguing this in person, though, unless more reasons are presented. David, I’ll decline your offer while thanking you for extending it.

  4. Ken Smith

    When I left the comment on your blog (Chuckles) the lies about Willis being Tina’s landlord and that’s why she let him in was still on your blog uncorrected.

    See, that’s what I don’t get about all of y’all, including Tina. You lie about things that can easily be proven you are lying about.

    Like Tina claiming under oath that going public with her story caused her to lose her job when she actually resigned from her job when her contract was up at the end of that school year, before the story even broke. Like all of Jocelyn’s crazy lies. It just never stops from your side.

    It makes no sense at all to keep rolling out lies when the truth was enough.

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