Bob Jones III Has a “Mitt Romney Moment”

Remember when Mitt Romney tried to identify with Florida NASCAR fans by saying he had “some friends who are NASCAR owners”?

Bob Jones III had a similar gaffe this morning during the 10AM Bible Conference service, casually mentioning to his hugely underpaid employees that he spent two weeks in Italy vacationing with the speaker of the morning.

Does Dr. Bob realize that such a vacation is totally out of reach for all of his employees? Most likely not. When you’re out of touch, you’re just out of touch.

We’ll update the post with audio and the exact quote momentarily.


“God has enabled us to have some wonderful times together–I remember once the whole Paisley family and my father and mother, my wife, and our children all vacationed together for a couple of weeks in Italy. Prior to that our son Bob had spent about a couple of weeks in the south of France with the Paisley family, vacation time.”

Update 2:

A student passed along this little saying, which is apparently popular around campus:

“Touch not the Man of God’s European vacation.”


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