BJU Room and Board, Tuition See Price Hike; Total now $18,520

A year of BJU education now costs $18,520 for on-campus students, the University’s website reveals.

The price hike took place sometime this semester, but it’s not clear exactly when. The most recent record on Wayback Machine is from June 2011, showing total costs of $17,830.

In addition, “Indirect costs”, which BJU says cover books, transportation and personal expenses, are now estimated at $7,746 per year. This is up from an estimate of $7,492 at the beginning of last year. This doesn’t seem to reflect the changing cost of gas, which has risen about 40 cents in Greenville since last June.

All told, BJU estimates a year of Residence Hall living costs roughly $25,000 before federal aid. Bob Jones University does not offer scholarships, and charges the maximum legal amount of interest on its student loans.


2 thoughts on “BJU Room and Board, Tuition See Price Hike; Total now $18,520

  1. Amanda

    Seems to me like part of the falling enrollment numbers at BJU has something to do with community colleges plus state universities being a lot cheaper (if you’re an in-state student.)

  2. Number Cruncher

    All schools have had to raise their rates to keep up with inflation and costs, but the question is: if everyone’s tuition is on the rise, why pick a school with suspect accreditation? Is it the best choice for you or your kids?

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