Pictures of BJU Student Body Fuel Speculation of Shrinking Enrollment

Several pictures taken during today’s Student Body program seem to confirm the long-running trend of dropping enrollment at Bob Jones University.

Two things to keep in mind about these pictures: 1) The program today did not include any Senior year students or faculty/staff, and 2) The balcony is shown only partially here but was completely empty, according to the picture-taker.

As can be seen here, the purple rear sections were almost completely empty and the green side sections were empty as well.


7 thoughts on “Pictures of BJU Student Body Fuel Speculation of Shrinking Enrollment

  1. Karla

    Holy crap. That’s literally thousands of empty seats. This combined with the scandals…the tuition increases…

  2. zizzybaloobah

    That’s about the same size as the freshman class meetings, or not far from it, that I remember from my freshman year (1981).

  3. BitterSlimeBall

    Assuming the photos are not in some way “doctored” and really represent what is stated, the photos depict a horrific decrease. It follows the pattern of declining enrollment in Christian (K-12) schools across the country. Many of those that used to feed students to BJU are now closed or struggling for survival from one year to the next, let alone being a viable competitive option to the public schools. Public schools are way outclassing them in terms of teaching methodology, course offerings across the board, technological advancements, etc. Plus those schools (K-12 grades) which are not accredited . . . their diplomas aren’t worth the paper they are printed on unless their students go to a school like BJU. For all those who have given their money and invested their lives trying to make Christian education something better than it has turned out to be now–such a heart-breaking waste of good, God-called resources. The very ones that were making it a success have been driven out or trampled under-foot. So tragic and sad. The chickens are coming home to roost and the bitter fruit is coming into harvest…

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