Video of Bob Jones III on Larry King Live Surfaces on YouTube

A Larry King Live interview with Bob Jones III from March 3rd 2000 which was previously unavailable online has today appeared on YouTube.

Jones appeared on the show to announce that BJU was dropping its controversial rule prohibiting interracial dating at the school, but also to explain the “Biblical basis” for what many saw as institutional racism wrapped in religious expression. The University maintained the rule until 2000 despite losing its tax-exempt status as a result.

The transcript of the conversation is available here.

We’ll update once the full interview is available.

All four parts are now available below.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:


10 thoughts on “Video of Bob Jones III on Larry King Live Surfaces on YouTube

  1. ThatOneGraduate

    I remember watching this live. Of course back then I bought into the party line and cheered Dr. Bob for opposing “the culture”. God forgive me.

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  3. Bubba

    I recall watching it live and being disappointed. It wasn’t a “leftover” from a different era. This was a couple years after my roommate was threatened for expulsion if an relationship with a white was continued.

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