BJU to outsource Dining Common, Snack Shop duties? (Updated)

BJU will “probably” outsource its cafeteria and concession workload in the near future, University administrators told faculty and staff in a meeting last Friday.

What this means for the school’s pending $6 million Dining Common renovation is not clear. It’s also unclear how this move would be economically feasible, since BJU would have to pay any outside workers at least minimum wage. Current student workers are paid a beginning rate of 80% of minimum wage.

A BJU faculty member has revealed through a secondary source that only BJU staff will be laid off in the impending Dining Common reorganization. According to the source, all BJU Dining Common staff will be laid off this summer, with 30-days notice given beginning June 1st.

Update 2x:
A different BJU staff source today told BJU News that all jobs at both the Snack Shop and Dining Common will be outsourced through Aramark. According to this report, Aramark would handle all employment opportunities for students or staff at both those locations. A pay-as-you-go plan for students is rumored to be part of this change, replacing the current pricing which includes all meals for the entire semester as part of room and board.


11 thoughts on “BJU to outsource Dining Common, Snack Shop duties? (Updated)

  1. Amanda

    So…take the jobs from the students and pay more for non-students to work there? That’s…nice.

    Have they been taking lessons from the federal government?

    1. bjunews Post author

      Just for the record, it’s not a lock that this will happen at all. And maybe they’ll only outsource the staff positions and keep student workers. Either way it’s hard to fathom that their costs could be kept any lower than they are right now, but it’s just hard to say.

  2. Scott

    This is something that they’ve been looking into for a while. Back in 2007-2008 when I was in the student leadership council meetings with Dr. Jones, he told us that he and Mr. Davis (top dude of the dining common) had been talking to potential vendors and visiting other colleges to see how they ran their dining commons.

    The reason they haven’t done anything so far was that it would not have been cost-effective with their current system of requiring all resident students to pay for full meal plans. A lot of students have wanted to have more options in that regard, and part of the goal of the dining common redesign was for a more modular kitchen that could support that. (The current Dining Common is designed from top to bottom for mass production and serving of a single menu.) While I have no information on this, it may be that the redevelopment is precisely what would tip the scales in favor of contracting with an outside vendor.

    As far as student workers go, even if they do hire a vendor, that wouldn’t necessarily mean student jobs would go away. Almost all colleges run their dining commons through food service companies like Aramark, but they still hire substantive amounts of student workers.

  3. Amanda

    Ah, well, yes, hopefully. I did hear that they’re letting go some regular staff. Maybe the students will get more options as far as meal plans go; it was always frustrating to me that there were a lot of meals I paid for, but never went to, when the ID cards would have made it easier to transition to that (or at least have some attendance numbers to work with.)

  4. Miranda

    I’m conflicted… I’m sad for all the people I know and worked with for 3 years on staff but I’m glad that now maybe they can find real jobs that actually pay out of the “bubble.” Some of the staff have been there for SO long though… no loyalty

  5. SlimeBallerSnakeMolerat

    Would that mean that tuition goes down, stays the same, or goes up if the meal pricing was no longer included. In other words, will the students now have to pay for meals on a daily basis or is that part of the tuition going to be removed from the overall cost?

    1. Scott

      I doubt that room/board would go up on the grounds of moving to a third-party vendor. My guess based on what I had heard them discussing a few years ago is that the full meal plan will stay at the same price room/board currently is. However, they may have smaller meal plans for those who desire them, and these would be less. It may also attract a few town students who want to eat the occasional meal on campus without getting hit by the much-higher per-meal price.

  6. MitigationElf

    WOW…. will be interesting to see what happens. Especially to those retired faculty and staff receiving the measly pittance of “the promise” from BJ Sr. that if they gave their entire lives to the school, they will be totally taken care of during their retirement. The “promise” turned into a pecentage. Now they are permitted to eat in the dinning hall for a small price. What will happen after the change to their meals? The “promise” is basically they live on social security. This will be a blow to have to add meals to their budget now.

  7. HoneyMustardSubLover

    Please, somebody lobby to keep my honey mustard sub on the menu!!!!

  8. Phil

    There was a twitter about this on the BJU website. It seems that Aramark could hire some staff from the staff already there, and certainly would hire students for various jobs.

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