Audio Leaked from 4/19/2012 Chapel, Dr. Bob III Requests $10 Per Month From Every BJU Grad

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BJU News has obtained an mp3 clip of a pre-sermon speech given by Bob Jones III yesterday. In the speech, Jones asks all current and future BJU students to “consider giving ten dollars a month to your alma mater.”

This portion of the chapel service was not included in the Sermon Audio upload from that date, as is often done with Dr. Bob’s pre-sermon chats, or “rants”, as the student body is given to calling them.

The clip begins with Dr. Bob asking students to refer their friends and family to the school, presumably to help shore up declining enrollment.

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3 thoughts on “Audio Leaked from 4/19/2012 Chapel, Dr. Bob III Requests $10 Per Month From Every BJU Grad

  1. Anonymous Texan

    That was just pathetic to listen to. I’m not sure which would be worse–if Dr. Bob is sane and the school actually needs this kind of shameless begging, or if he’s clueless and believes his own spin.

  2. Iamnotbitter

    Ok…what on earth. Triplestyx has been in the bubble way too long. “Your tuition does not even come close to supporting what happens here”. Is he publicly admitting that BJU’s financial situation is untenable? Even more amazingly, is he claiming that the solution is to extract MORE money from grads whose unaccredited degrees permanently hamper their income level?

    I’m pretty sure anyone with a BJU student loan is already paying them $10 a month in interest. Don’t forget, they charge the maximum legal interest.

  3. Mark Smith

    I never went to BJU, but my pastor and his wife did. I have been researching the Chuck Phelps “scandal”, that’s how I found this website.

    I attended 3 state universities, earning a BS, MS, and PhD. I ROUTINELY am hit up for money from all 3 schools…and they are publically funded!!

    So, I fail to see the big deal here…

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