Expelled BJU Student Tells His Story via YouTube

The following post, like many on this site, contains information that can’t be completely verified. We present Mr. Peterman’s story as he tells it–if BJU publishes a response we will also publish that.

Former BJU student Christopher Peterman, expelled yesterday, has chronicled his experience with the school’s disciplinary system in a new YouTube video.

According to Peterman, Dean of Men Jon Daulton expelled him for accumulating demerits throughout the semester, culminating in a large penalty over the weekend for watching an episode of the television show Glee off campus, sending a Facebook message during a class, and posting lyrics from a praise and worship song to his Facebook profile. Peterman says that while there’s no rule against watching TV off campus, Daulton found Glee “morally reprehensible”. Those three offenses pushed Peterman over the school’s 150-demerit limit and he was expelled.

It’s the first known instance of a student recounting such a story publicly on video, though groups of “shipped” students have formed groups on social media sites. In the video, Peterman hints at plans to draw media attention with his story, though it’s not clear who he’s contacted or whether the news outlets in question are interested.

Video below.


3 thoughts on “Expelled BJU Student Tells His Story via YouTube

  1. d4v34x

    “It’s the first known instance of a student recounting such a story publicly on video.”

    Ahh. The post-expulsion trailer. Sure to take off like, say, the book trailer.

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