Peterman Expulsion Story Gains Media Attention, BJU Responds

South Carolina ABC affiliate WSPA Channel 7 today ran a story spotlighting the story of former BJU student Chris Peterman. Peterman was expelled on Tuesday in controversial fashion, as BJU News reported yesterday.

Several other online sources have picked up the story, including, The Glee News Network, a fan site dedicate to “news and gossip” about the show, and Democratic

BJU alumni have taken to the comment sections of the articles, arguing for and against the school’s decision to expel Peterman.

WSPA reports that BJU spokesman Carol Keirstead issued a statement in response to the media coverage, saying the school “expect[s] students to obey the student covenant in the spirit and the letter. Our goal is to help [Peterman] succeed, and we’ve done everything we can to help him succeed.”