Do Right BJU Movement Flies Plane Over BJU On Commencement Day (Updated 2x)

In a still-developing story, the Do Right BJU movement has apparently hired a plane to fly over the school’s campus this afternoon, displaying a banner with a web address and a call for transparency.

Students began tweeting about the event around 4:45PM today, during the middle of the annual post-Commencement celebration around campus. The Twitter reaction seemed to be a mix of positive and negative attitudes toward the surprise DRBJU move. Screenshots are below.



UPDATE: News helicopters from Channel 7 TV were seen filming the event as well as the student and faculty reaction.

Update 2x: Channel 4 News is also on the scene as of now.


4 thoughts on “Do Right BJU Movement Flies Plane Over BJU On Commencement Day (Updated 2x)

  1. d4v34x

    … he Do Right BJU movement has apparently hired a plane….

    There’s a phrase I’d like to know the story behind.

    1. George Simpson

      Since you asked…
      The movement was created by Chris Peterman, a student at BJU, in response to Pastor Chuck Phelps returning to the board of the school. Phelps infamously had a 15 year Tina Anderson apologize to her congregation for getting pregnant, a pregnancy resulting from statutory rape by a congregation member. He then took steps to keep Anderson from going to the police with her story. Chris Peterman was subsequently suspended in what he claims was retribution for his speaking out against Phelps and his morals.

      1. d4v34x

        No, I mean the immediate story behind the sentence. Did the whole movement pitch in an equal amount each member? Did one member of the movement finance this particular event?

        I said I’d love to hear the story not the PR blurb.

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