BJU Still Not a SACS Applicant, Prospective Students Confused

Bob Jones University is not regionally accredited, nor has it submitted an application to SACS to pursue that status–a process which in itself could take years.

BJU previously advertised its plans to pursue SACS accreditation on its website, but was forced to remove the statement after it was shown to be in violation of SACS regulations.

Research done on the SACS website reveals that BJU has not even submitted an application to SACS, and BrainTrack indicates that  “most schools become accredited within three to five years after their candidacy has been awarded.”

Prospective students, as a rule, aren’t aware of the importance of regional accreditation or BJU’s status as nationally accredited. Many prospective students are allowed to believe that BJU is simply “accredited”, without any information given on the advantages of a regionally accredited degree. Wikipedia lists some of these advantages:

A 2005 study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that, in making decisions on credit transfer, about 84 percent of U.S. higher education institutions considered whether the sending institution is accredited, and many had policies stating that they would accept credits only from regionally accredited institutions.[15] About 63 percent of institutions told the GAO that they would accept credit from any regionally accredited institution, but only 14 percent similarly accepted credits from nationally accredited schools.[15] One reason given for regional institutions’ reluctance to accept credits from nationally accredited institutions is that national accreditors have less stringent standards for criteria such as faculty qualifications and library resources.[15] Students who are planning to transfer credits from a nationally accredited school to a regionally accredited school are advised to ensure that the regionally accredited school will accept the credits before they enroll.[11][12][14]


6 thoughts on “BJU Still Not a SACS Applicant, Prospective Students Confused

    1. Tikatu (@Tikatu)

      Don’t know that they’d be able to say anything about it. They’ve already had to scrub language that they were seeking SACS accreditation from their literature and websites as this is against the rules SACS has set down (they don’t want applying for the accreditation to be seen as propping up a weak institution). So, there may be rules about even talking about it unless/until certain criteria have been met. So far, the only thing BJU has said is that it was exploring the possibility.

      1. Phil

        I read somewhere, and I cannot remember where, that the administration will be hittng the accreditation hard this summer. It appeared that they were waiting until the academic year was over and had more time to get the necessary paperwork and get to work on it. I am not saying this is true, I am just saying I read it somewhere. I hope they get the accreditation, and I believe they will. As you can tell, I am a BJU supporter, not one of the haters. I might also add that BBC in Springfield MO, a small Bible college, is accredited by this agency.

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