BJU Alumni Form Support Group for Gay Students, Grab Media Spotlight; BJU Responds

BJUnity, a group formed by alumni of Bob Jones University to “provide a safe harbor—a network of people and resources—for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and straight affirming people affected by fundamentalist Christianity”, has made news this week with a new website and plans to take part in a Gay Pride parade in New York City.

The group has been especially vocal about condemning remarks made in 1980 by Dr. Bob Jones III regarding homosexuality. The University Chancellor, then its President, said the country would be better off if gay citizens were stoned to death. BJUnity has organized an online petition to have the University apologize for and retract those words; the petition has 1,160 signatures as of this writing.

Several news groups have featured the BJUnity story this week, among them Fox Carolina, whose home page leads off with the article, and GLAAD. The Washington Post has also reportedly interviewed members of the group for a forthcoming story.

BJU responded with a statement to Fox Carolina, the text of which is printed below.

Bob Jones University recognizes the right of alumni to organize and support the LGBT agenda and LGBT events. We trust they will respect our right to exercise our belief in the absolute authority of God’s Word.

At Bob Jones University we accept Scripture as the Christian’s authority for life and belief, and therefore, its teachings are the basis for our policies. When it comes to the matter of sexual expression, the Bible speaks with a clarity and consistency that spans both Old and New Testaments. The Bible advances a monogamous heterosexual marriage relationship as God’s intention from the beginning.

Since the Scripture says clearly that homosexuality is a sin, BJU policies forbid homosexuality. We do not single out homosexuality in our policies, however, but address all forms of sexual expression prohibited by Scripture, including lewdness, sensual behavior, adultery, pornography, and sexual perversion of any kind. Students and their families know our Christian living policies before students enroll.

(Source: Carol Keirstead, Chief Communications Officer with Bob Jones University Public Relations)