UPDATE: BJU Still No Closer To Regional Accreditation

Despite months of preperation and attempts to convince potential students of it being a sure thing, BJU still has not even begun the multi-year process of attaining regional accreditation with SACS.

The accreditation body published its June 2012 Actions Taken document last week detailing schools whose accreditation status have changed recently. BJU is nowhere to be found on the .pdf, indicating that perhaps the school’s plans to submit an application have stalled, or at the very least that the non-retroactive accreditation upgrade is still several years away.




One thought on “UPDATE: BJU Still No Closer To Regional Accreditation

  1. Mark Fitzhenry

    I graduated from BJ in 1980. Back then, BJU justified its lack of accreditation by saying that Harvard wasn’t accredited either and that gaining accreditation would infringe on BJU’s religious convictions. (Remember, we were always told “Preferences can change but convictions can never change!”)

    What we are seeing in the accreditation issue follows a well-established pattern: self-righteous proclamations of conviction followed by a complete reversal cloaked in hypocritical, face-saving deceit. The most glaring example of the Jonesian pattern – a pattern that has been played out repeatedly – played itself out in the interracial dating ban.

    The ban was codified in the rulebook, used to punish students and staff who disobeyed the rule, justified by Scripture, propagated in chapel messages, in the classroom, in television and newspaper interviews, and in BJU’s written materials.

    The interracial dating ban controversy came to the attention of the federal government, the world, the US Supreme Court, (United States v. BJU) and led to the revocation of BJU’s tax-exempt status. Bob Jones III declared they were being persecuted for their Scriptural convictions. Then, Bob III went on Larry King Live to announce the end of the interracial dating ban. Bob Jones III declared the ban to be something BJU never based upon Scripture and never talked about!

    Until Bob Jones University becomes aware of the “leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy” and purges this leaven from the institution, BJU will never be taken seriously by the world or the brethren.

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