Summer Mix: Dining Common Progress, BJU Job Postings, Carl Herbster Shakeup

Progress on the BJU Dining Common renovation project is hard to gauge–the University hasn’t updated its webpage on the topic and their funding is shown at just over half–but a picture taken recently inside the building shows the extent of the planned transformation.

Aramark took over control of the school’s food services on July 1st, according to some markedly disappointed Facebook posts from former Dining Common employees.

Dining Common Renovations–Click For A Larger Version


The BJU Careers page shows openings for several interesting jobs; among them are a new Public Relations Manager and Bob Jones Elementary School Assistant Principal. Former PR Manager Brian Scoles left the position late last year after the Chuck Phelps scandal; it’s not know whether a connection exists between those events. Brad Payne, the current BJES assistant principal, appears to be moving on from that position per the posted job opening.

Longtime Tri-City Baptist Senior Pastor Carl Herbster has retired. Along with pastoring the Kansas City-area Fundamental Baptist (and known BJU feeder) church, Herbster is known for some real-estate dealings which brought attention from muck-raking media sources. The Herbsters and BJU have also owned property jointly in the Greenville area in the past, although details are scarce on those transactions. Herbster is rumored to be starting a new ministry now: a satellite church campus in partnership with Maranatha Baptist Bible College at the Herbster-owned Southland Christian Camp in Louisiana.


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  1. Wally

    I think Brad Payne became the new principal and his old position is now open– assistant principal. I think the old principal is gone, whoever he was.

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