Soundforth Sold to Lorenz Corporation, BJU Ties Cut

As predicted, BJU has sold Soundforth, its music production and publishing division. An email sent to faculty staff this this morning and forwarded to BJU News by a tipster offers more details:

Since 1990, Soundforth has produced Christ-honoring conservative Christian music for churches, schools and families. We are grateful for the ministry SoundForth has had as a part of the BJU Press family and for the commitment of many faithful staff.

It is now time to pass SoundForth on to those we believe can continue to carry forward its mission and ministry. Lorenz Corporation has purchased SoundForth. The transfer will take place on Oct. 1, 2012. Lorenz is eager to expand the ministry of SoundForth and is committed to continuing its ministry of providing Christ-honoring music resources.

Of note is the implication that BJU could no longer “carry forward [Soundforth’s] mission and ministry”. It’s believed this move is part of the school’s continuing efforts to cut costs in the midst of declining enrollment. At least one BJU Press employee was terminated this morning as a result of the Soundforth announcement, with more surely to follow. Of course, these cuts are somewhat controversial given BJU’s lavish spending on its new intercollegiate sports program including local billboards and mall advertisements.


4 thoughts on “Soundforth Sold to Lorenz Corporation, BJU Ties Cut

  1. Anson Mills

    I dare say that you don’t listen to much SoundForth music because it’s too conservative. And I don’t listen to much SouthForth music because it’s not conservative enough. Obviously there’s a problem with the business model that BJU has now figured out. As a niche market, SoundForth needed to be passed on to a larger organization.

    On the other hand, intercollegiate athletics should be an income producer. There will be start-up costs, but BJU has already gotten corporate sponsorship from Pepsi. Plus, intercollegiate athletics is free publicity, often good publicity, and it interests prospective students.

    Please drop the word “controversial.” Everything in existence is controversial to someone somewhere. If you don’t like something, just say so and give a reason.

  2. N/A

    hahahaha You idiots. Name one university that doesn’t make changes in order to cut costs. No university or organization is required to retain every single employee. That’s not how any organization works. Whoever is behind this site needs to be waterboarded.

    1. Wally

      Bob Jones is not just “any organization.” To do the things they do and say the things they say, and then act like any other organization, it’s kinda hypocritical.
      Keep the news reports coming in, bjunews. I go to school here myself, but I still learn stuff from you.

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