BJU Posts Stats on Class of 2016, No Enrollment Total Given

BJU today posted some statistics and info on its upcoming class of 2016 on its website. The photo, shown below, reveals some interesting dynamics taking shape within the student body.

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Of note is the lack of enrollment numbers. As recently as 2010, BJU publicly posted the size of its incoming freshman class. Last year the issue became a bone of contention on BJU’s Class of 2015 Facebook page, where moderators claimed not to know the enrollment numbers and that they were “a constantly changing number.” Those figures from last year were never released by BJU, and that looks to be the pattern now.

Also notable is the lack of any religious or education majors in the “Top Declared Majors” list (except Biblical Counseling). The Class of 2014 had both Bible and Music Education its Top Majors list, but neither appears here. The school seems to be shifting towards a more female- and nursing-oriented student body.


One thought on “BJU Posts Stats on Class of 2016, No Enrollment Total Given

  1. George

    Infamous quote from some “mannagawd” states: “I tell you only what I want you to know. If I don’t want you to know, I don’t tell you!” —-or something like that. Must be a IFB doctrine they all follow.

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