BJU Declines To Release Enrollment Totals For Current Year

Despite some hard-to-believe rumors earlier today about record high enrollment this year, BJU today confirmed via its Facebook page that it has no plans to reveal just how many new students came to the school this year. This seems to hint at another drop in enrollment for the school, a bit of news that’s becoming an annual event at BJU.

Screenshot below, and a direct link to the post is here.


4 thoughts on “BJU Declines To Release Enrollment Totals For Current Year

  1. munrodoctrine

    A member of the administration verbally announced the figure at the incoming freshman assembly last week. It is significantly higher than the last couple of years and moving closer to the school’s pre-2008 (pre-economic meltdown) enrollment.

  2. Anson Mills

    I don’t see the relevance of a month-old comment about an “estimate” of incoming class size. Certainly BJU now knows how many new students have enrolled. Has it refused to release that information?

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