2012-13 BJU Enrollment Numbers Announced in Faculty Meeting, Detailed Here

Although BJU declined to publicly announce enrollment figures for this year, those statistics were detailed internally by Gary Weier at this morning’s Faculty/Staff meeting. A person who attended the meeting passed on the relevant numbers, listed here:

-BJU welcomed 711 freshman this year, an increase from last year’s 698.

-The total enrollment as of today is 3,304 students. 2011-12: 3,485.

-The total number of new students this year is 941–probably the source of yesterday’s rumor.

-It was said in the meeting that the University set a goal of bringing in 950 new students this year, a goal which was nearly met.

2012 BJU Enrollment


4 thoughts on “2012-13 BJU Enrollment Numbers Announced in Faculty Meeting, Detailed Here

  1. Starrstruck

    So glad to see BJU’s enrollment continuing to drop. Students who were there last year did not return causing enrollment to decline. This is great news. May God smite BJU heart and lung, bone and marrow, that it might be utterly consumed.

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