BJU Staff Team Up With Chuck Phelps To Host Couples’ Conferences

Chuck Phelps may have resigned from the BJU board in disgrace, but the school’s faculty and staff are evidently still on friendly terms with the embattled pastor.

Greg Mazak, of BJU’s Psychology Department, and Jim Berg, of the Seminary faculty, will headline a series of Couples Conferences at The WILDS Christian Camp later this month and into October along with Phelps. Phelps is listed alongside Mazak and Berg on the WILDS site.

Interestingly, Berg teaches BJU’s grad-level class on “Crisis Management”, presumably teaching the philosophy of handling rape cases which brought Phelps to the national spotlight in 2011.


18 thoughts on “BJU Staff Team Up With Chuck Phelps To Host Couples’ Conferences

  1. Tina's Marine

    I’ve been hoping and praying for change among the IFB but it’s not coming. I foolishly thought that leaders who claim to love God and follow the Bible would demand change but all I see is the status quo. It’s heart-breaking to see the embracing of failed leadership instead of the heart-breaking over the sin and abuse by their leadership.

  2. Kevin

    Wait a minute. Billy Graham is off limits because a local liberal minister was given a seat of honor on the stage, but now it’s ok to headline a conference with a man that covers up the rape of a minor. Really??!!!

    1. Mark Smith

      Billy Graham is off limits for way more than that! Its because he says Jesus Christ isn’t the only way to get to God…

  3. Redpop

    Dr. Bob Senior and Junior are spinning in their graves. Wake up folks; Phelps is a pervert and you KNOW it! My dissapointment continues, especially as a BJ graduate.

  4. 1911man

    It is sad to see The Wilds welcome Phelps as a Couples Conference host.

    One question that I never got an answer to regarding Phelps after Tina Anderson was ‘swept under the rug,’ is whether or not Phelps took any steps to warn the parents in the church about the church member who raped Tina? Does anyone know the answer to that question?

    Seems to me that if Phelps was sooo concerned about addressing the sexual assault of a minor by repeatedly reporting it to the police and authorities as he claims, it would only be consistent that he demonstrated like-resolve in protecting innocent children in the church by warning them of the rapist within the midst and taking appropriate measures to protect the sheep.

  5. Terry

    Well, some limited, isolated, genuine changes are taking place in the IFB for the good. Overall, I would have to agree that nothing else much has changed, is changing, or will likely ever change. The overall leadership is going on about its business as usual with no concern for the innumerable victims or their hurt and how to help serve and minister to their needs. They pay the victims nothing more than worthless lip service as they re-victimize them by relegating their victims over and over again into complete irrelevancy.

    They seem oblivious to their own rotting stench as their arrogance drives them blindly and mindlessly on toward their own destruction. They don’t see how despicably laughable they have become to a lost and dying world that no longer takes them, the Bible, or their kind of Christianity seriously. They can only see it as persecution and never once consider the prospect that God might be trying to get their attention to warn them. The Shekinah glory departed the Temple and the Lord removed His Presence and the people never even realized it when it happened. They did no even seem to miss the departed Presence of their own God. Such is the same now as it was then.

  6. Mark Smith

    As a Pastor do you want a lawsuit? Well here’s how to have one. Stand up next Sunday and say Joe here raped a teenager (even if he did!)…avoid him. Make sure to call your lawyer first!

    1. chucklestravels

      Mark Smith,

      The truth is always always a defense against slander and libel.
      Phelps knew the truth. Willis admitted all the gory details to Phelps.
      Even if someone tries to sue, that in and of itself doesn’t mean the case will move forward. If it does, there is the little thing called legal discovery, In this case, legal discovery is the last thing Willis would have wanted. The attorney for the defense would have the right to dig into all of Willis’ dirt. The attorney for the defense would have deposed Tina, all those other little girls Wills is accused of trying to sexually assault. All those people who knew Willlis was the father of Tina’s baby. Oh and that’s just the beginning. Willis’ wife would have been deposed, his business contacts, Everything and anything is fair game for legal discovery.

      Not to mention the defendant has the right to ask for the suit be calculated up to federal court, which not only extends the time of the suit, but add’s about 5-7 years.

      Not to mention, quite a few civil cases such as this have turned out to be used as a basis of a criminal trial later on.

      Yeah…don’t buy the old fundy whine, “But, I could be sued if I…”
      Again, the best defense against a suit is telling the truth.

      Phelps hid the rape of a teenage girl, allowed the teen girls rapist to pay airfaire to get the victim out of town…..Phelps wasn’t an honorable man.

  7. 1911man

    I don’t think lawsuit-prevention should be the guiding principle if Joe raped a teenager.

    The process is clear. The first thing a responsible leader does when such information comes to his attention is to make a police report. The police investigate the matter, take whatever appropriate action is necessary (arrest, warrants, protective custody), and turn the matter over to the solicitor or district attorney for review/prosecution.

    Within that context, the congregation should be notified that allegations have been made involving Joe and that Joe is considered to be innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers. That being said, we encourage all parents to act accordingly. Until this is all resolved, we have asked Joe not to carpool with our teen girls without proper supervision.

  8. Starrstruck

    But it is ok to have a man confess to marital infidelity and a young girl to confess to getting pregnant outside of marriage in the same service at the same time? You can lie in church and that’s ok?

    1. Mark Smith

      Starrstruck…did the guy commit infidelity? Answer: Yes. Did the girl get pregnant and she wan’t married? Answer: Yes. Was all of this awkward? Answer: Yes. Can you get up and announce “Bob here raped a 15 year old, so watch out”? Answer: NO.

  9. Starrstruck

    Maybe Phelps can call his good friend Matt Olson for an assist during his speech at the couples conference. Olson could pretend that he didn’t know and refuse to answer any criticisms of Chuck. He could say, “What rape?” And all will be well.

  10. Mark Smith

    I am not considering the Tina case specifically. That was a real mess before it even came to the church’s attention. What I mean is legally speaking you have to be careful what you announce to the public. You can’t accuse someone of rape publically, for example, unless you have the DA/police already investigating and releasing info.

  11. C.B.

    It isn’t so surprising that Phelps and Berg would want to be active in re-establishing themselves as leaders in the IFB community — it is there life and being in front of a crowd is in their blood. What is depressing, however, is that their leadership would not only be sponsored and advertised but that there will be people signing up to listen to these two “shepherds” give directions on how to live, what priorities to have, how to resolve conflict, how to manage a family, how to care for children. This is a conference that should be shunned.

  12. BGR

    What a mess. My husband and I graduated from BJ several years ago and have had little to do with the school. I don’t regret that. Too much drama. Too many words with no character behind them. BJ, Sr and Jr would be writhing in their graves is right. Most of all, God must be quite sick over all this. It’s not that difficult to do right, so what’s going on?

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