WSPA: BJU Has “Significantly Higher” Number of Forcible Sex Crimes Reported Than Any Other Area School

Citing data from the US Department of Education, WSPA Channel 7 Greenville reports today that 9 forcible sex crimes were reported at Bob Jones University in 2011, many more than were reported at other South Carolina schools–even those that dwarf BJU in size.

We’ve prepared the below table to feature the information gathered by the Channel 7 Watchdog team.

BJU spokesman Carol Kierstead gave the following statement to WSPA:

“BJU takes protection and security of our students and campus seriously. Because of the value we place on each individual, we treat each alleged incident seriously and are diligent to include each in our reports. One student was tied to the nine incidents of inappropriate behavior and the matter has been settled in the legal system.”

Of note is Kierstead’s admission that the nine incidents were perpetrated by one student–and Kierstead, amazingly, says later in the article that BJU “will allow [that student] to reapply for admission next semester.”

This news also seems to undercut Stephen Jones’s recent claim that sexual abuse scandals like those of Chucks Phelps are “old news” for the University.

Dr. Bob III also claimed from the Chapel pulpit after that scandal that no sexual abuse had ever been covered up at BJU, and that none ever would be.


28 thoughts on “WSPA: BJU Has “Significantly Higher” Number of Forcible Sex Crimes Reported Than Any Other Area School

  1. M.E.

    Important to note that the article did not give the gender of the person who committed the assaults. Nor did the article identify the crime as rape.
    Also of interest is the article stated the student was suspended, not that the student was expelled.

    1. M.E.

      I take that back, WSPA has posted several iterations of the story, each with minor diferences. The current iteration does state that the student was male.

  2. Michael Kreger

    “Inappropriate behavior?”

    She called it “inappropriate behavior.”

    Well, I suppose it is inappropriate. But I would have used that language to describe a major classroom spitwad battle…not to describe “forcible sex offenses.”

  3. Anson Mills

    You can’t have it both ways. If BJU has been reporting the crimes, then the reporting suggests that Bob Jones III is correct in saying “that no sexual abuse had ever been covered up at BJU and that none ever would be.” To challenge Jones’s statement you need evidence of a sex crime that was covered up, not one that had been reported.

    1. Michael Kreger

      Well, let’s see. Not a single case reported in 2009 or 2010. Then, all of a sudden, nine cases reported in 2011. What a co-ink-a-dink…that a school with nary a whisper of sex crimes, ever in its entire history, suddenly has a veritable crime wave in the very same year that they come under the microscope on this very topic.

      Oh, sure, we could be expected to believe that they were reporting all along, and that there is nothing to see here, and that we should all move along and release our bitterness and stop doing harm to the cause of Christ and all the other pap that gets thrown at us on a boringly regular basis. Or we could notice that they suddenly report nine cases in one year, and NO cases in prior years, even when it is widely known that some of their Fair-Haired Boys committed sex crimes in those prior years. And maybe we could also notice that, once they started reporting, the sex crime rate at BJU is startlingly higher than the rate at those heathen state schools.

      Nope. Let’s not notice any of that stuff. Let’s just invent the notion that the Naysayers are trying to have it both ways, and see if we can’t divert attention from the REAL issue at hand.

      Sigh. If only BJU girls didn’t dress in such a shockingly provocative manner, they wouldn’t cause those godly young men to stumble (and sexually assault them). /sarcasm.

      This is NOT “having it both ways.” This appears to be yet another case of BJU “Doing Right Until the Stars Fall (Registered Trademark)” ONLY when forced to do so.

      1. Anson Mills

        Let me repeat, to challenge Jones’s statement you need evidence of a sex crime that was covered up–evidence, not insinuations. If someone has evidence of unreported sex crimes having been committed at BJU, then point us to police reports, court proceedings, etc.

        1. Michael Kreger

          Fantastic logic, Anson Mills. We can also use it to say that Jesus never existed, since nobody has seen him, we have no physical evidence, and all we have is the “insinuations” of others.

          What sort of evidence from Chad Gleiser would be sufficient for you? What part of “covered up” is escaping your razor-sharp reasoning skills? If something is unreported, there will be a paucity of evidence, police reports, court proceedings, etc. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

          Perhaps your line of logic will be comforting to the Defenders. But to the rest of the world, Christian and non-Christian alike, you simply look an ass. This is a case where people want to see people doing right because it is right to do right, rather than getting all lawyerly on us, trying to get the perpetrator off on a technicality. Because that’s not how BJU rolls when it comes to prosecuting and excommunicating anyone it wants to purge, is it? No, when BJU is on the warpath, the accused doesn’t get to face his accuser, and is presumed guilty until proven innocent, and sometimes presumed guilty even after that, unless he has the resources to threaten a lawsuit to stop the Star Chamber proceedings.

          Dislike these comments all you want. You are defending the indefensible. Good job.

  4. Anson Mills

    What I’d like is an application of the Golden Rule. If someone told you that a loved one was covering up sexual abuse, in your most gracious mood, you’d ask for proof before accepting his word. (We won’t discuss what might happen if you were in a bad mood.)

    1. Michael Kreger

      Put your money where your mouth is. If you want to be taken seriously, push for BJU to start applying the Golden Rule in THEIR dealings with people. They have been so abusive, so unwilling to apply the Golden Rule in the past, it is unlikely that many non-Kool-Aid-drinkers will be willing to give them a free pass now.

      Chad Gleiser was sent out of town quickly and quietly. Why? Is there any other explanation other than to get him out of the picture so the coverup could be successful? Not unlike sending Tina Anderson to Colorado, far away from the prying questions of the police. That cover-up was successful for a pretty long time…but BJU is no longer able to control the flow of information as they could before the Internet Age, and what was sown for all those years is now being reaped.

      If my loved one were accused of sexually abusing or of covering up the sexual abuse, and I were interested in doing the RIGHT THING, I wouldn’t do everything in my power to remove him from the situation in order to avoid embarrassing questions (thereby demonstrating that I believe the accusations to be true, but that I don’t care enough about justice to stand for what is right and true). Because there is this little-noticed Bible verse that says, “Be sure that your sin will find you out.”

    1. Michael Kreger

      He was a dorm supervisor with a wife and a newborn daughter who got a little bit too friendly with a BJ Academy student (14 years old). Or, so it has been “insinuated.” Her parents were somehow convinced NOT to pursue any action – any justice – for their daughter, while Chad oiled off into the night, only to turn up a few months later, trying to volunteer to work with young people at a church in Valley Forge, PA.

      This all broke loose just days after Gleiser gave some guy demerits for having his shirt untucked, we have been told. Yeah, he was one of THOSE bojos.

      My daughter is 14 years old. I wonder what sort of threat the BJU leadership must have made to keep that girl’s father from reporting the rape of his daughter, and from choking that pathetic excuse for a man to death with his bare hands.

      1. Amanda

        Did that happen in 2005? I was a freshman then, and there was a married dorm supervisor with a baby daughter sent away that year, but I never learned the guy’s name. Can’t be a coincidence.

  5. Anson Mills

    Michael, your Golden Rule is the 4-year-old’s “I’m-just-doing-to-him-what-he’s already-done-to-me.” To hold the ethical higher ground, you need to provide proof of allegations, not retail unsubstantiated gossip.

    1. Michael Kreger

      Anson, you need to quit while you are behind. Because your comments are getting more and more ridiculous.

      No, my comments are NOT an inversion of the Golden Rule. Rather, they are in full agreement with the biblical principle of Matt 7:1-2:

      “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

      BJU has been incredibly harsh in its dealings with EVERYONE: students, pastors, faculty/staff, Christians outside their orbit, and national and international politicians. They have been indiscriminate in their condemnation of all and sundry, even praying for God’s destruction of people with whom they disagreed. For years, they stated clearly that they would expel a student, not for breaking any rule, but for some nebulous statement that pretty much amounted to “we don’t like you and don’t want you here.” Or they would take the word of a student as evidence to expel someone without ever giving the accused an opportunity to face his accuser. What a completely unbiblical method of operations! Not much evidence of the Golden Rule in BJU’s behavior, THAT’s for sure! And now, after all these years of condemning others, when they and their people get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, and people start to challenge them for behaving so poorly in comparison to their professed principles, they have the unmitigated GALL to talk about moral higher ground, and proof of allegations, and the Golden Rule. What a bunch of ignorant, arrogant hypocrites!

      Once again: there is no physical evidence anymore BECAUSE THEY COVERED IT UP. Or maybe you want to explain to us that the REAL reason Chad Gleiser left BJU overnight in the middle of the semester was that he saw a better job opportunity somewhere else, or something.

      You sound like that referee who called Touchdown on that interception in the Packers/Seahawks game last week. The more he talks, the worse he sounds. Like you, he clearly needs to learn the First Law of Holes: “When you find yourself in one, stop digging.”

  6. Steel Magnolia

    Anyone who still believes Bob III when he says no sexual abuse has ever been covered up is either incredibly naive or delusional. I personally witnessed such an act, reported it to the DOW, and was told that I was “probably imaging things”. Nothing was ever done about it. Believe me, if it weren’t so long ago that I can’t remember the names, I would call the authorities now. John, you may think arguing semantics is a game. Sexual abuse is not. Go ahead – continue policing Wiki and defending the administration, despite the fact it took a public outcry for them to even come close to compliance with state and federal reporting laws.

  7. Anson Mills

    All I’m asking for is proof of a BJU cover-up such as a police report or a court proceeding. The premise of this blog is that you’ll provide “All The News That They Won’t Print”; but what you’ve done here is simply repeat the Clery Report that BJU did print and then make insinuations about a cover up for which you have no evidence.

      1. Anson Mills

        I’ll be happy to apologize if you provide proof of a BJU cover-up. The premise of this blog is that you’ll provide “All The News That They Won’t Print”; but what you’ve done here is simply repeat the Clery Report that BJU did print and then make insinuations about a cover up for which you have no evidence.

  8. Mark Smith

    In this case, Anson was right. If a victim of a past sexual abuse crime at BJU wants to come forward with their evidence, then we can proceed. All that is here is the report and then a lot in insinuations and hearsay…

  9. bobmo

    The one point that Anson Mills seems to be missing is that there really IS proof of a cover-up. Here it is: The evidence is that there is no evidence. That means there’s a cover-up. It’s all very logical. If there were evidence, there wouldn’t be a cover-up, now would there? See how easy it is to prove there is a cover-up?

  10. Michael Kreger

    There is none so blind as he who WILL not see.

    Once again, for the slow students:

    BJU is being held to a standard similar to the one that they used, except we are being far more gracious than BJU ever was (not hard to do, that). The investigation is going on right now. With a little effort, you could have learned that sexual crimes very often go unreported because of the threats against the victim, shame felt by the victim, absolute powerlessness felt by the victim. Evidence disappears while the victim is still traumatized, desperately trying to cleanse herself. The perpetrators know this, and use it to escape accountability.

    You chant the same notes over and over again. Like the Pharisees before you, you pervert justice while claiming to desire justice. Like them, you drag the woman before Jesus, pronouncing her guilty and demanding condemnation, while letting the man go free. You support a place that treats long-time faculty like toilet paper, and treats victims of sex crimes the same way. What great men of God YOU are. How full of virtue.

    I knew a girl who made the mistake of marrying a BJU preacher boy. Soon after the wedding, he went to prison for raping three 12-year-old girls. He was used as a chapel illustration by Triple Styx himself. I knew another girl who dated a BJU preacher boy who is also now in prison for rape. Chad Gleiser SHOULD be in prison, but he skated. All across the fruited plain, I have known men from different Indy Fundy seminaries who are now in prison for sex crimes (four people from the same family, in one case). In each case, they believed what they had been taught: that they were special! Select Servants of the Most High God! Exceptional, in that they had signed up for “full-time Christian service!” Far too many of them believed that they were untouchable, like their heroes (Jack Hyles, Dave Hyles, Jack Schaap, Bob Gray of Jacksonville, among far too many others). Like the kings of Israel before them, they believed they had the right to concubines. When they got called out for this misbehavior, they blamed the “slut” who seduced them! Unmitigated gall. And, far too often, the sheeple in the pews believed HIM. After all, “touch not the Lord’s anointed!” How could he possibly be guilty of such a thing? All these accusations are inhibiting the Man Of God’s ability to Preach The Gospel! You need to Forgive. You need to Confess Your Bitterness and Repent. And so she shut up and shriveled into herself, and your precious “evidence” died along with her spirit.

    You should be very proud, to stand in defense of such things.

    How many more need to go to prison before you start to notice a trend? I suppose they all went to prison, or got sent away silently in the night, because of a “lack of evidence.” The statistics in this matter are worthy of note. The conviction rate on rape charges is low. Do a little research to learn why that is true. Bottom line: justice is hard to achieve in these circumstances. The accused rapist frequently is declared “not guilty,” which is NOT the same thing as being declared “innocent.”

    Well, justice is coming. God is not mocked, and what BJU has sown, they will surely reap. This year’s freshman class is 500. The dorms are getting to be very empty indeed. As my kids approach college age, BJU tries to recruit them, and solicits funds from me (even while they couldn’t be bothered to send me any mail about the GRACE investigation), and they are shouting into the hurricane. My kids will NEVER attend that school, and many graduates from my era are saying the same thing. We lost confidence in these places long years ago, because of their behavior and the behavior of their acolytes. We know what is right, and we refuse to support what is wrong any longer.

    As the place dies, I hope you remember what we are saying to you now. It didn’t have to happen.

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