Proposed Changes to BJU Academics Leaked: Undergrad and Grad Degrees To Be Slashed by 2015

Click here to view the leaked .pdf.

Big, big changes are coming to BJU’s academic programs–dozens of the school’s existing majors will be discontinued in the next few years, if a proposal by the school’s Academic Council to its board is followed. The two-page proposal, which you can download here, was sent to BJU News today and was apparently leaked by someone close to the administration.

This screengrab illustrates the proposed changes to the Undegrad program. The black bars indicate a discontinued major. Click to enlarge.

This screengrab illustrates the proposed changes to the Undegrad program. The black bars indicate a discontinued major. Click to enlarge.

Of particular note are the drastic cuts recommended for the School of Religion–three of the School’s seven majors are slated to end by 2014 including Pastoral Studies, Women’s Ministries and Youth Ministries. The school known as a “training ground for preachers” seems to be finding much of that training financially unsupportable.

Whole portions of the School of Fine Arts and Communication will be cut en masse: Journalism, Electronic Media, Public Relations, Interpersonal Communication, and more. String Pedagogy is the only specifically music-related major to be cut, but several performance majors have also been terminated in the last few years.

The Seminary will also be consolidated severely under the proposal, with a number of Master’s programs like Church History discontinued.

Cuts to the grad program. Click to enlarge.

Cuts to the grad program. Click to enlarge.

It’s not clear what motivated the proposed changes; the review by the Academic Council is a simple, stark list of programs to be ended. The reasons are easy to guess, though: financial instability, declining enrollment, and the implications of BJU’s long-pending attempt to secure SACS accreditation.


14 thoughts on “Proposed Changes to BJU Academics Leaked: Undergrad and Grad Degrees To Be Slashed by 2015

  1. Scott B.

    I would guess that many of the consolidations are due to insufficiently credentialed faculty to staff the programs by SACS requirements. If you’re going to offer a major in a specialized field, you need faculty who have specialized in that themselves, which BJU hasn’t always had. That’s long been a weakness, so I think many of these changes are positive, regardless of the reasons. The other reason to cut programs would be lack of interest (and thus financial unviability), but most cuts along those lines were done a couple years ago.

    1. Michael Kreger

      …which makes not a lick of difference if your degree isn’t good enough to get you into grad schools/seminary.

      My BJU credits are absolutely worthless where I live. I am in the process of checking to see if Liberty, Clemson, or South Carolina will accept any of my BJU credits as so I can replace my BJU Accounting degree with a degree that is worth something, via Distance Learning. Once I get a real degree from a real school, my graduation pictures will feature me with a big grin on my face, burning my BJU diploma.

      1. Jim

        My brother went to Clemson for grad work directly from bju with zero problems with credits. His gpa was good though so maybe that’s your real issue. South Carolina also,accepted several of my friends and both of my siblings sailed right into MBA programs with university of Michigan without question.

      2. Michael Kreger


        No, my GPA isn’t the issue. I live in Germany. THAT’s the issue.

        I’m not trying to get a Master’s yet. I want to replace my undergrad degree so I can delete BJU from my resume.

        Clemson would accept 50% of my credits without even looking at my transcripts. University of Maryland would accept 0%, even to transfer me into an undergrad program. The University of Oklahoma also operates over here, and I haven’t checked with them yet. Liberty University would probably accept at least 50%, and I’m sure I could earn an accredited degree through them via distance learning.

        I am not willing to depend on my BJU degree at all. I have friends who went on to earn an accredited Master’s degree, but were STILL unemployable in their field because of their unaccredited UNDERGRAD degree. Insane, ain’t it? But that’s the way it is, whether we like it or not.

        The BJU degree isn’t always the kiss of death, but only a fool (or someone who has been fooled or forced) would take the risk.

  2. Wayne

    Before reading too much into this – MANY universities are cutting “less profitable” or “less popular” majors. The school needs to be run like a business and it makes financial sense.

    A friend of mine at the school is being transitioned to another major (which he is OK with). He told me that SACS requires a PHD to be the head of every department, and since the head of his department wasn’t a PHD it was slated for elimation to meet SACS requirements. He is staying at BJU and switching to a similar major.

    So I read into the changes that it is SACS related and financial streamlining – and I take it as a good thing and is consistent with what I have heard.

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  4. zizzybaloobah

    Anyone that thinks the school will actually obtain SACS accreditation is sorely mistaken. It takes far more than having accredited PhDs in the right positions. I’d wager that the real changes they need to make will never happen.

    Even if they were to start the process today, it would be several years before it would happen – more time than most prospective students have in which to enroll at BJU and get a degree. On the other hand, the subterfuge involved in making folks think SACS accreditation is coming is totally working.

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