Jack Schaap Sentenced to Twelve Years for Sex With Underage Teen, BJU Features Schaap’s Friend at Bible Conference

Former First Baptist of Hammond pastor Jack Schaap was sentenced today to 12 years in federal prison for preying on a young church member, the conclusion of a scandal that has rocked the Indiana fundamentalist megachurch to the core and made waves throughout the entire movement.

BJU has not been exempt from the scrutiny surrounding the Schaap case: earlier this week, Stuff Fundies Like pointed out that fundamentalist pastor Clarence Sexton, a featured speaker at BJU’s Bible Conference this week, made a point of praising Schaap and FBC Hammond profusely in 2011.

Sexton has made no attempt to distance himself from Schaap in the months following Schaap’s arrest.

Even Fundamentalist website Sharper Iron noted the Schaap-Sexton connection, though commenters there were, as usual, mostly apathetic towards scandal at BJU.

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5 thoughts on “Jack Schaap Sentenced to Twelve Years for Sex With Underage Teen, BJU Features Schaap’s Friend at Bible Conference

  1. JohnMatzko

    There’s a lot of lead time on Bible Conference speakers. The Joneses were probably working on the schedule a year ago, certainly before the Schaap scandal broke last July 31.

    1. bjunews Post author

      With plenty of time to cancel him if they were of a mind to do so, and certainly enough time for Sexton to denounce Schaap’s actions.

  2. Mark Fitzhenry

    In the video Sexton, along with praising Schaap, also heaped praise on Jack Hyles and First Baptist Church of Hammond. While I never met Hyles or attended First Baptist, I have met more than my share of Hylesian’s. I did talk on a few occasions with attorney Voyle Glover, the former First Baptist deacon who authored the book Fundamental Seduction: The Jack Hyles Case. I also spoke to Victor Nischik, the husband of Hyles’ “secretary” who authored The Wizard of God: My Life with Jack Hyles. Both interviews convinced me that Hyles’ had three primary areas of sin in his life: the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. Consequently, Hyles’ great legacy as a so-called spiritual leader and IFB icon is that he masterfully manipulated the Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement to feed his enormous ego, successfully perverted the Christian faith to line his pockets, and seduced another man’s wife, Mrs. Nischik, to satisfy his sexual desires. Because Hyles was deemed to be so crucial to the continuing life of the IFB movement by the other leaders of the IFB movement, they protected him and Hyles was allowed to hide behind the skirts of one of fundamentalism’s many synagogues of Satan. Many a life was destroyed as a result, but the leaders of IFB continued to cash in on the movement. Sexton’s comments are simply another sign of the hypocritical leaven that thrives around BJU.

    In my days there, BJU oversaw the aggressive, public blackballing of Billy Graham, a man who was never the center of any sexual or financial scandals as was Hyles. BJU reportedly required all speakers to sign loyalty statements, of a sort, taking a stand against Graham before being granted the honor of gracing BJU’s platform. I don’t know Sexton but, based upon the video, he comes across as one who ignores religious tyranny when he finds it convenient to his own career. Hyles’ misdeeds and First Baptist’s accommodation of Hyles’ sins were well-documented years before this video. The relationships between IFB leaders has appeared to be nothing more than self-authenticating and, at times, incestuous.

    Sexton’s video comments make him come across as something of a temple prostitute who strokes the ego’s of his “Johns” in an effort to strengthen his religious standing within the IFB. Since he can’t seem to speak the truth, it appears that his standing within the IFB has become his god (the twin sins of idolatry and pride of life) and he dares not offend his IFB colleagues and constituency by telling the truth about Hyles, First Baptist of Hammond, and Schaap. I hope that Sexton recants, starts speaking the truth and rebuking sin, and adopts a position of standing against all forms of religious tyranny. “Of all the plagues with which mankind is cursed, religious tyranny is the worst.”

  3. Kathleen Wilch

    Listen to the teaching from Sexton in December, 2012, where he comes out very strongly against the teachings in Jack Shaap’s church, and Hyles Anderson College. Please check all the facts before you draw your conclusions

    1. Kathleen Wilch

      My apologies – this is not Clarence Sexton – this is Jerry Layne pointing out the fallacies of Hyles/Shaap’s church. I am sorry for the confusion. Kathleen Wilch

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