BJU’s Chief Branding Officer Suspended After Solicitation Conviction is Revealed

Bartosch has 48 sermons on Sermon Audio.

Bartosch has 48 sermons on Sermon Audio.

BJU Cabinet member Joseph Bartosch has been “suspended indefinitely” from his position as of last week because of a decades-old prostitution solicitation charge, according to an email sent to BJU employees today.

The email, forwarded to us by a BJU staff member, appears below:

Friday afternoon, March 15th, Bob Jones University learned of an allegation that a cabinet officer, Joseph Bartosch, had been charged with soliciting prostitution in another state over two decades ago prior to his current BJU employment. He quickly came to administrators, confirmed the allegation and put himself at their disposal. That afternoon the University suspended him indefinitely from his position as Chief Brand Officer while we gather facts to reach an appropriate decision about his continued employment. In making this decision, we will consider such things as the incident itself, his subsequent walk with the Lord and his current testimony. Our objective is to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

In the meantime  David Lovegrove will be the University contact on behalf of the marketing and enrollment planning team. Please pray for wisdom on the part of the administration and for Joseph and his family.

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We’ll publish more details on the Bartosch arrest and conviction as they come to light.


16 thoughts on “BJU’s Chief Branding Officer Suspended After Solicitation Conviction is Revealed

  1. Cheryll

    Whoever published this .. You better hope and pray this man doesn’t sue you for ruining his good name. As a Christian you should know better! This should have never been made public to any staff! It should have been dealt with in private.

    1. Renee'

      He chose to mar his own name when he sinned. Besides, if he was charged, it is a matter of public records.

    2. Aaron L.

      Just to educate you. it wasn’t the blogger. It was the “school.” I have a really hard time calling it a school.

  2. Common Sense

    No need to deal with it privately; the email to BJU was a intended to get him in trouble. Dealing with it privately might smack of covering it up, and Christian institutions are under a spotlight for their penchant for covering up sexual sins. However, he was charged twenty+ years ago as a young man. Big freaking deal. Public acknowledgement of the 20+ year-old event, and testimony of God’s redeeming grace with a public reproof of a pathetic attempt to stir up trouble would have been a proper response. Bartosch should not have been suspended while BJU carefully considers all the pros and cons of a political step, weighing what this might mean to them. Man up, BJU. This happened 20 years ago! What, you only hire perfect people?

  3. gLaw9

    If the WSPA report is correct and he served 3 years probation in California, there was either a conviction of a sexual crime or a plea deal for a sexual crime that counts as a conviction. He is not qualified to be employed by any school that does criminal background checks.

    As to the thought that he should have been suspended, did he answer “no” to the question on the BJU employment application “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” If he answered no, lying on an application is a fire-able offense for all reputable schools and most companies. If he was forthright, the University took a huge risk in hiring him to be the public face of BJU.

    While it is sad that this bad decision continues to haunt him over 20 years later, there are consequences for criminal actions.

  4. John E Baker III

    “While it is sad that this bad decision continues to haunt him over 20 years later, there are consequences for criminal actions.”

    But it’s only “christians” who punish a person over… and over… and over.

    1. Anonymous

      It’s not punishing someone to say that ex-prostitutes or prostitute purchasers should not be in Christian ed. He could sell insurance or something, no questions asked.

      1. musingsofaphilosopher

        Better in jail for life, because nobody here believes in repentance or forgiveness. I have to say, this site seems to be run by bitter people, that are probably just as hypocritical. You show me a man that has committed a sexual sin, and I’ll show you a planet full of people that have committed sexual sins. Remember, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    2. gLaw9

      I sincerely hope you are not involved in your church’s children’s and youth programs. I also hope that your church does a criminal background check on ANYONE who works with children and youth at your church.

      I cannot imagine explaining to the parents of a teenager going on a youth retreat that the chaperone for their child was convicted of soliciting a prostitute, but he confessed that, it’s washed in the blood.

      I also cannot imagine knowing someone lied on a job application but covering it up by saying “It’s not a lie if he has been forgiven”

      Would I accept Bartosch into fellowship at our church? Yes. Would he ever be allowed to volunteer with youth? No.

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  6. jamie

    The sad thing is that Joseph WAS a christian while he solicited a prostitute. He was attending a baptist church and was preaching abstinence to many young single christians in his church. Too bad he didn’t follow his own advice. Jesus absolutely forgives us our sins…..but there are consequences. If this was done before he was a christian then it would be different. Unfortunately Mr. Bartosch is either very confused or just a plain hypocrite.

  7. Really!!!

    What BJU did was right!!! This guy was also a school Principle..To many People from BJU are caught up in sexual stuff. Something is wrong!!!

    1. Aaron L.

      It’s what happens when you oppress natural human sexuality as a sin. What else would you expect?

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