Mike Shrock Out at BJU

Mike Shrock has been a University Representative at BJU for years, visiting BJU feeder churches and schools around the country and advertising for the school. But a search of the University website now shows he’s been scrubbed from their records, and the page he used to occupy now shows just one Representative, Chuck Kitrell. The only mentions for “Shrock” at bju.edu are now related to either his wife, who is on the Nursing faculty, or to old .pdfs containing Mike’s name (which, being .pdfs, probably could not easily be edited to have his name removed).

The Wayback Machine tool shows that Schrock was removed some time between January 24th and today. Click here to see how the page looked on that date.

Shrock’s personal Facebook indicates his relationship with BJU ended this month:

Shrock was no friend of blogs such as this one, and was known for his vigorous defense of embattled fundamentalist leaders, especially via Facebook.

Shrock also made waves with a number of other questionable activities: leaving door hangers on doors of prospective students, chatting up underage girls on Facebook, questioning the “consensual” nature of sexual assault situations, and discouraging Christian young people from entering the military because “just about everyone who is saved and been through the military say [sic] it is not a good place for a Christian.”

You can download and view a record of Shrock’s shady internet activities here.




5 thoughts on “Mike Shrock Out at BJU

  1. Anna

    This man preached at Hampton Park Christian School on numerous occasions when I was a student there. He once preached so intently into my face when I was in 6th grade that he spat on me. I always suspected that he was a little off. Now, this definitely begs the question of what exactly he did to get himself “scrubbed”……………

  2. Waldo

    He spoke at my church in early May and was still employed by the university as far as I know, but then this post says May 2013.

  3. Waldo

    OK, definitive answer time. According to my sources, he was gone for certain by May 13. Not sure if that matters at all, or if anyone even cares. But sometimes I do get specific info.

  4. Andrew Glarmphy

    I tried to open the ShrockontheInternet.docx file using the link at the end of the story, but the file has been mysteriously removed. This immediately prompts me to ask what else BJU News may be hiding. What other files have been removed that we don’t know about? Dropbox links do not auto expire. BJU News needs to come clean. Was this simply an honest mistake or was there something embarrassing that BJU News does not want to get out?

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