BJU Not Seeking NLNAC or CCNE Nursing Accreditation

According to a comment on its Facebook page today, BJU is officially not seeking or interested in accreditation through NLNAC or CCNE for its Nursing program:

The current BJU Nursing page says the program is “approved by the South Carolina State Board of Nursing” but contains no other information on accreditation.


2 thoughts on “BJU Not Seeking NLNAC or CCNE Nursing Accreditation

  1. Former BJU professor

    This is “news”? — when they are not doing something — must be pretty hard to come up with mud to sling lately.

  2. lostchildnowfound

    Former BJU professor,

    NLNAC or CCNE are pretty important accreditation for a nursing program’s graduates. It’s becoming more important as more and more hospitals and other health care agencies are requiring they type of accreditation to even be eligible for a candidate applying for nursing positions. Entry level positions for new grads (even those with experience who need to change jobs) have become much more competitive than a few years ago.

    Not to mention if a candidate want to enter the military as a nurse, or to enter the military as a RN become a nurse anesthetist it’s a requirement or those graduates of programs without one of these certifications will be turned down for this reason alone.

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