“Bruination” Blog Sees Hypocrisy in New BJU Sports Programs

UPDATE: The Bruination blog appears to have been taken offline.

This is currently just a placeholder site about how the Bruins may be the Ruination of BJU. So Bruination doesn’t stand for The Bruin Nation; it stands for The Bruin Ruination.

A blog called Bruination is questioning BJU’s recent push for “unity” as expressed in the school’s new intercollegiate sports program. Begun this spring, the site has just five posts but appears to be run by a BJU-sympathetic person who objects to perceived immodesty in the school’s sports uniforms and to associations BJU has pursued in attempts to push the Bruin brand.

Bruination complains of contradictions in BJU's dress code.

Bruination complains of contradictions in BJU’s dress code.

The site also features a rather damning quote from BJU’s official school history, Standing Without Apology, regarding exactly the kind of intercollegiate sports program the school now touts endlessly.

The site seems to show no signs of being satire, or of being anything other than what it appears to be: a blog written by a current or former BJU student or employee who is troubled by what he or she sees as contradictions in BJU’s stated goals and its new emphasis on intercollegiate sports. The fact that the blog has existed since May 2013 without gaining notoriety in the usual disaffected BJU circles lends it authenticity. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new goings-on at Bruination.

If you have information about this blog or who writes it, feel free, as always, to send us a tip.


4 thoughts on ““Bruination” Blog Sees Hypocrisy in New BJU Sports Programs

  1. Anson Mills

    Reminds me of the bon mot of Alice Roosevelt Longworth: ““If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody come sit next to me.”

  2. A James

    Interesting to note that it is a contradiction in BJU’s dress code. There are several exceptions in the handbook for sports, but even cut in tank tops are not included in the exceptions. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the intercollegiate sports addition, it’s obvious that this is a “new BJU” that would welcome participation in such activities.

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  4. A James

    This is the rather damning quote:

    From Standing Without Apology:The History of Bob Jones University, chapter 4:

    The school found that the better their team, the more the wrong kind of student was drawn to the institution because of his desire to participate. Many of these students, it was found, worshiped physical prowess and had little or no interest in spiritual things. Fans also bet on games, and fans of visiting teams left beer and whiskey bottles and other trash strewn about the campus. In time, Dr. Jones felt that football was “not conducive to the spiritual welfare of the students.” Mrs. Jones remembered after one game the team

    came back with all their honor and glory. Dr. Bob got up in chapel and announced, “I’m sorry boys and girls, we’re not going to have any more football.” Well–you’ve just never heard! You would have thought the earth had come to an end!

    “Why!? Why!?” they all said.

    “Well,” he said, “We love it too much. I love it too much. We can’t do our work and run around the country here playing football. That is not what God called this school down here to do!”

    The College abandoned intercollegiate sports in 1933. After a discussion of the problems in faculty meeting, a vote was taken, and all but three voted against having intercollegiate athletics of any kind. Dr. Jones admitted that this was a “severe test, but we did what was right.”

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