Audio of Stephen Jones’ Resignation Speech Leaked

We’ve obtained audio from this morning’s “family meeting” at BJU in which Stephen Jones announced his retirement. We’ve added this to our Leaked Files page and will be adding a transcript soon.

Click here to download or click below to play.


2 thoughts on “Audio of Stephen Jones’ Resignation Speech Leaked

  1. From Minneapolis

    I am stunned that this kind of thing gets leaked. When I was at BJU in the 90s, this never would have happened…there must be a level of unrest in the student body that I never knew about. Do you guys get these submissions regularly? Have you ever been contacted by BJU with a seek-and-desist order? I bet they’re none too pleased at these files getting out. I pray for BJU every day and I hope they recover from what is obviously a very poor 5-6 year period for them.

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