BREAKING: BJU President Stephen Jones to Resign, Effective Commencement 2014

The “personnel change” we predicted earlier this week just happened.

For the first time in school history, a Bob Jones University president is resigning at a young age, and due to health problems.

At a “family meeting” called a few moments ago, BJU announced to students and faculty that Stephen Jones will be resigning as President of BJU in the near future at Commencement in the spring of 2014. He will be on medical leave immediately. Early indications are that BJU is forming a committee to look for a replacement.

Here’s the official announcement:

More reactions:

We are updating this post with more information as it comes in.


5 thoughts on “BREAKING: BJU President Stephen Jones to Resign, Effective Commencement 2014

  1. Mark Smith

    What’s the scuttlebutt? Is this due to health? Or is it an attempt to separate the “family” from the school for future accreditation purposes?

  2. A James

    It is suspicious. He has been MORE involved this year in chapel and university activities. I thought his health had improved since his time at the Mayo Clinic.

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