Audio From Bob Jones III’s Infamous “Consensual Rape” Interview Leaked

In 2011, an anonymous woman met with Bob Jones III to ask him some tough questions about the then-current Chuck Phelps scandal.

You can read more about the Phelps scandal here and here and especially here.

You can read more about this interview here.

The transcript to the interview is here.

Suffice to say, Bob Jones III does not come off looking good in this interview. Listen below:


14 thoughts on “Audio From Bob Jones III’s Infamous “Consensual Rape” Interview Leaked

  1. ArtistRemix

    If they allow THIS guy to be the school’s President again…wow. That audio was a real eye-opener. Why is BJ3 such an cranky, hateful old man? Everyone just rolled their eyes when got up to speak in chapel, he’s always been like this. Good luck becoming a respected, accredited school when your “chancellor” spews this kind of garbage.

    1. TheBobWhisperer

      Seriously. Bob Jones III is the awful old grandpa of BJU that no one wants to acknowledge. The problem is, he embodies their real supporters, the “old guard” if you will.

      1. One of the "old guard"

        Don’t lump all of the old guard together. This disgusts me. It should be dealt with.
        You are right, though, that some will not be moved. From The Bruin Core (self-proclaimed long-time faculty member):

        “Mrs. Zichterman’s cronies are a devious group, able to lure a biblically faithful minister into all kinds of traps. Proverbs 6 warns about such women. I am sure Dr. Bob assumed this alumnae was simply a gentle lady looking for counsel, not a strange and wayward woman with ill-intent.
        I will not listen to the interview for fear of also falling into her trap.”

  2. StrandedOnWadeHampton

    Nothing BJ3 says surprises me, although this recording is pretty awful. A question for prospective students and parents: if you or your child are mistreated on campus, is this how it will be handled? Would you want to be spoken of in the way BJ3 speaks of a rape victim? Shudders.

  3. blinded

    OMG…this man. His lies keep piling up. The Larry King appearance, the crap with accreditation and now THIS??

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  5. Digusted!

    The amount of rabbit holes BJ3 tries to create is astounding. He probably did it all with a plastic smile on his face including when he said it was consensual rape. Excuse me? Oh, the evil lies this man spreads.

  6. Nicholas

    Are you going to put the MP3 for this on the leaked audio files page? For some reason RealPlayer won’t download Youtube videos for me at the moment.

  7. Watching the "Slippery Slope"

    “Am I to understand…that this singularly discourteous person is under your Majesty’s (the Board’s) protection? Because, if not–” (Reepicheep, Voyage of the DT)

    1. bjunews Post author

      To our knowledge Bob Jones III was not aware the recording was being made, however there were multiple parties in the room and this is legal in the state in which it was recorded.

  8. Cathy

    After listening to the recording several points are apparent.
    1 Chuck Phelps should make a public apology to Tina Anderson for requiring her to be publicly humiliated at church. I understand at the time Tina (a minor) said sex with Ernie Willis (35 yo) was consentual but the fact is she was a minor and it is legally considered rape. She was the victim.
    2. It is to Phelp’s credit that there were 4 police reports he made about this case and unfortunate the police did nothing.
    3. Tina was not isolated when joining the Colorado family who homeschooled her. She was active in church, singing in the choir and playing her instrument in church. Homeshooling does not equal isolation.
    4. I don’t see Chuck Phelps as an “evil person” as this recording states. I see him as a pastor who reported this crime 4 times, who tried to support Tina, and whose testimony in court against Ernie Willis helped to put him behind bars as a sexual predator against a minor. However requiring Tina to repent publicly was totally unacceptable. She may have been consentual but she was a minor which makes this a rape case.
    5. I was disappointed by the questioner’s insistence to require that Bob Jones stick to the topic of Phelp’s being on BJ board yet she changes the topic to Tina’s mother or she “know’s there’s stuff that’s been happening at BJU” and talks about thievery on campus. What campus doesn’t have some thievery. Come on!
    6. I would have no problem with Chuck Phelps being on BJU board if he apologizes in public for his poor judgement in allowing this minor to be humiliated at her church. We all can look back on decisions we have made in the past and determine another road would have been better. So take the higher ground Mr. Phelps, and apologize with humility, and show the love of Christ to the world.

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