Update: Improved Audio and Transcript of Stephen Jones’ Resignation Available Here

We’ve been hard at work on updates to the news of Stephen Jones’ resignation yesterday, and have a few new files to share. We are also working on a large post with reactions, links to news articles and analysis of Jones’ decision, including speculation on a possible successor. Here is what we’ve gathered so far–please note that all of these files have been added to our Leaked Files page as well.

-An improved audio version with better clarity and volume:

Click here to download or click below to play.

[audio http://audiofarm.org/everyidleword/audiofile/24395.mp3]

-A transcript of the meeting:



6 thoughts on “Update: Improved Audio and Transcript of Stephen Jones’ Resignation Available Here

  1. Kenny

    Wow. There is a LOT here that they didn’t put in the press release. I’m a BJU supporter but I’m surprised how much they’ve kept back. Glad it’s published somewhere at least.

  2. anonymous

    I’ll say this…Stephen and the Board are hiding something. Lots of unanswered questions in this resignation.

  3. Broggan

    “There is a LOT here that they didn’t put in the press release. I’m a BJU supporter but I’m surprised how much they’ve kept back.”

    Kenny, all you have to do is say that one or two more times and BJU will label you “not a BJU supporter.” Strike one!

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  5. Carson

    It isn’t what is said that is interesting in this rambling resignation — that is mostly cliches: God is good, we love you, more than we ask or think, focus, etc.. What is most interesting are the implications of what is said: (1) no specific reason is given for resigning now that didn’t apply 6, 12, or 24 months ago — so, why now? And, (2), the only specific thing discussed was what was claimed NOT to be the reason.

    A clue: if someone tells you he is moving to another city, rambles vaguely about “I’m ….. um, sick, let’s leave it at that” and then volunteers, though you haven’t asked, “I’m not moving because X”, attention is immediately drawn to X. If he follows this with three more assertions it’s not X and then says he would appreciate it if you not speculate, not post anything, and if anyone asks you, just tell them to check his website and, please, leave out X, this confirms that X, in this case pressure from the Board, played a significant role in the decision to move.

    The comments of Jones’ friends and supporters essentially confirm this: they say what a good and kind and gracious and godly and committed, etc., man he is. No one anywhere has so far said “oh no — we NEED him in this time of stress on the university; oh no, what will we do now?? Is there some way we could send him to Mayo Clinic or some way get him healthy???” Anyone who has spent any time talking to or listening to Jones knew he was in over his head pretty much from the beginning. And no one is looking for BJIV to come back and save the school. The Jones dynasty ends, interestingly, with a whimper: it ends December, 2013, with medical leave; final eulogy to be read at graduation, 2014.. A name change for the school can’t be many years behind. But it will be too late.

    The real challenge in dealing with the current situation isn’t that BJU needs a healthy (“100%”) person in the president’s office — BJU is not facing a personnel problem. It might be reassuring to characterize it that way because it sounds so solvable. This is an end-of-life problem for an institution. There is not enough realism and resourcefulness resident in the faculty and administration to fully grasp the current challenges and there is not enough flexibility in the infrastructure to adjust — busing paying students in from China will not fix things. The counsel of an experienced former president and current chancellor could be a fountain of wisdom and insight in many institutions at a time like this — I think there is virtual unanimity, though unspoken, that not only is BJIII not that asset, he is a liability. The foundation for today’s crisis was laid not by Stephen but by his predecessors — the faults in that foundation are the cause of the institution’s instability. Those flaws weren’t operational (accreditation, sports, student handbook rules, …), they were flaws more profound — moral, spiritual and character flaws that no Board, no parents, no pastors and no alumni were willing to confront until it was too late. BJIII can still speak at chapel from the same notes, tacking the same phrases together according to the same fixed set of variations, that he has relied on for his career — not much harm there. But he is as anachronistic as he has guaranteed his family’s institution to be, and as irrelevant to the current end-of-life convulsions.

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