More Media Outlets Reporting on BJU’s Dismissal of G.R.A.C.E.; Here are Links To Every Article

In the 48 hours or so since BJU announced the termination of G.R.A.C.E.’s independent review of the school’s sexual abuse policies and history, a number of media outlets have reported on the incident. In the past 24 hours, the media scrutiny has intensified dramatically, resulting in a small-scale barrage of mostly negative coverage for BJU in the local and national news. As far as traffic, we’re told that WYFF’s story has been the most popular on its website since it was published. Here’s a currently-comprehensive rundown of articles relating to this week’s big news:

Washington Post: Bob Jones University fires firm hired to investigate sex abuse

NBC News: Bob Jones University Fire Firm Investigating Sexual Abuse

Christian Post: Bob Jones University Abruptly Terminates Relationship With GRACE, Led by Billy Graham’s Grandson

Christianity Today: Bob Jones University Fires GRACE as Sex Abuse Investigation Nears Completion

Greenville News: BJU fires firm reviewing school’s handling of reported sex abuse

ABP News Religious Herald: Bob Jones University halts abuse probe

WORLD Magazine Online: Bob Jones University halts investigation

Fox News Carolina: Bob Jones University ends agreement with abuse ombudsman

WSPA Greenville: Bob Jones University Terminates Contract With GRACE

WYFF Greenville: Bob Jones University fires firm investigating sexual abuse response

Sharper Iron: Bob Jones University terminates relationship with G.R.A.C.E.

Bene Diction: Bob Jones University shuts down G.R.A.C.E. investigation

Gospel News: Bob Jones University Fires GRACE as Sex Abuse Investigation Nears Completion

Patheos: Bob Jones University Breaks with GRACE, Prematurely Ending Investigation into the School’s Culture of Sexual Abuse

Update, 2/9/14:

Urban Christian News: Bob Jones University Fires GRACE Firm Responsible for Sex Abuse Investigation

Black Christian News: Bob Jones University Terminates Contract With Firm Hired to Investigate Sex Abuse Reports 1 Month Before Findings Were to Be Released

Bob Felton: BJU and G.R.A.C.E.

Inside Higher Ed: Bob Jones U. Hires Firm Hired to Investigate Abuse

Update 2/11/14:

New York Times: Christian School Faulted for Halting Abuse Study

Opposing Views: Bob Jones University Ends Contract With GRACE One Month Before Sexual Abuse Report Due Out, Raising Suspicions

Crossmap: Bob Jones University fires firm hired to investigate sex abuse

Update 2/12/14:

The Raw Story: Bob Jones University stifled sex abuse claims: ‘If you report it, you hurt the body of Christ’

The Frisky: Fundamentalist Christian College Bob Jones University Halts Study On Its Handling Of Sexual Assault

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Christian University Fires Group That Was Studying Its Sexual-Abuse Policies

Daily Kos #1: Bob Jones University helped cover up sexual abuse, fires investigative group

Daily Kos #2: Bob Jones University derails study into how it counsels sex abuse victims

American Conservative #1: Why is Bob Jones University So Nervous?

American Conservative #2: How Not to Respond to GRACE

Crooks and Lairs: Bob Jones University Shut Down Sex Claims for Decades to Save Jesus WHY DID BOB JONES UNIVERSITY TERMINATE ITS SEXUAL ABUSE INVESTIGATION?

Wonkette: Bob Jones University Has Way Of Shutting That Year-Long Sex Abuse Study Down

52 thoughts on “More Media Outlets Reporting on BJU’s Dismissal of G.R.A.C.E.; Here are Links To Every Article

  1. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

    Thanks for providing the list; that’s a real service. Of course, my perspective is considerably different. I was happier to hear that BJU had broken the relationship with GRACE than that they had entered into it in the first place.

    It was in GRACE’s power to damage BJU by publishing that confidential letter–and they did. But GRACE has also wounded itself. If it doesn’t reach a deal with BJU, GRACE will find it more difficult to attract paying customers in the future. GRACE can fend off something like an ABWE or a Prairie Bible Institute if they’re one of a kind, but adding BJU to the list indicates a trend; and another institution (even one with precious little love for BJU) won’t be doing due diligence unless they look hard before leaping into GRACE’s embrace. On the other hand, if GRACE should reach an accommodation with BJU, you folks will bemoan the sell out. So, in my opinion, GRACE has shot its wad.

    And as for the Disaffected, they’d hate BJU regardless. I don’t what more they can do unless they get as mad as Rumpelstiltskin and tear themselves in two.

    1. Watching the "Slippery Slope"

      I would be interested in knowing why you were happy to hear that BJU had broken the relationship with GRACE. This reminds me of a couple of other comments I’ve seen:
      BJU Facebook: Don Johnson (FBFI contributor): Hurray! Very good news.
      Brody of BruinCore (self-professed faculty): Feb 7 Relieved and Thankful I have never seen Dr. Jones more persuasive and forceful. I saw the power of his great-grandfather this morning. Thank you, Dr. Stephen. Thank you for taking a stand and doing the right thing.

      I am also wondering that, if you are happy about the termination, then are you not also concerned with Stephen’s desire to continue work with them and “partner” with them? When they chose GRACE they had said it was the best choice that was closest to their beliefs that they could find. Who else would they choose that could please you if they plan to keep their word and see the investigation/final report through? Sounds like you would bemoan a sell out should BJU make another contract with GRACE?


        It was very clear from the beginning Boz Tchividjian nor GRACE were ever attorney’s for BJU. No attorney-client privilege has ever existed.

        Also, you may be interested to know slapping “Confidential” on a letter doesn’t make it confidential. Stephen Jones has borrowed this little stunt from Bob Jones, Sr., Bob Jones, Jr. and his father Bob Jones, III when writing to people (other fundamentalist leaders, and even politicians) for decades.

        This past summer I read many letters marked “Confidential,” “For Your Eyes Only,” or “Destroy this letter after reading” from Bob Jones to a well-known fundamentalist leader. None of were really confidential, “for your eyes only” or Destroyed as Bob Jones instructed or I wouldn’t have been able to read them now would I?

        BJU/Jones seem to think themselves as some top secret agency that people do their bidding just because they slap “Confidential” on some letter which is absolute lunacy. Any attorney will tell you, if you don’t want something coming back on you MAKE SURE YOU PUT NOTHING IN WRITING!

      2. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

        I’d never heard of GRACE when BJU selected it, but the fact that the selection was praised by the Disaffected made me skeptical.

        If BJU can make a deal with GRACE, I’d count it a victory. They’d have to back off their agenda, and such an agreement would annoy the Disaffected.

      3. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

        As for “Confidential” and “Destroy after reading” letters, I have some in my files as well. Interestingly, I’ve never read one that actually had important information in it, at least from a historical perspective.

      4. Watching the "Slippery Slope"

        Many if not most of the “disaffected” and others who have been interviewed by GRACE (in other investigations) have a good deal of confidence in GRACE so I don’t think they are worried about a compromised contract. Most of the “close to being disaffected” seem to be commenting that BJU should follow through with GRACE. The at (promoted by Peterman) is doing well: “In less than 48 hours this petition has been signed by over 600 individuals through the United States. Thank you so much for your support and please continue to spread the word by sharing with your friends and family! We will not rest until BJU allows this investigation to be completed by GRACE.”
        All that to say, whether it was the right or wrong choice in the beginning, I think the closest to a win-win situation would have been to see it through.

    2. A James

      Well, this brings up a question I thought of today. Who did the most damage with that confidential letter? Exactly when was BJU going to let anyone know they had terminated? According to the November 2013 update, everything was going fine (even though Stephen says now they’ve had concerns for months). There has been no mention of concerns with GRACE in faculty/staff meetings over these months–no heads up to be prepared for the media storm approaching. Stephen’s letter of termination was dated January 24 (with termination effective “immediately”). There was no notification to faculty/staff/parents/students/alumni/constituents for almost two weeks…where is the sense of responsibility/wisdom/discernment/leadership to have made a public statement on their own? As it was, they were caught in a PR release rush because they regretted that GRACE made things “public”. I’m sorry, but this is looking worse and worse. What arrogance to not have made an announcement of some sort at least “public” of their own accord? Here we are all waiting for March and the final report to come so we could put this behind us, and they feel no obligation? They made a big deal out of hiring GRACE, why can’t they make a big deal out of terminating GRACE? Of course it looks like a cover up, whether it is or not.

      If GRACE hadn’t been aboveboard and notified the public of the termination, I sit here and wonder exactly when BJU would have ever let us known…did they think they could just keep stalling indefinitely and, again, for what purpose? GRACE hasn’t wounded itself in my eyes with the confidential letter. Just as others want us to give BJU the benefit of the doubt, we should give GRACE the benefit of the doubt. We haven’t seen the actual contract, nor are we the legal experts that GRACE has on board to advise them on what is appropriate or not.

      Why didn’t BJU look hard before leaping? The ABWE situation was early of 2013…BJU could have bailed out early on if those were valid concerns. What exactly is wrong with GRACE’s embraces? I believe BJU has no problem these days hiring Liberty grads with their glittering terminal degrees, so what would be wrong with Boz and his Liberty associations?

      Really, I think BJU ought to be more worried than GRACE about attracting paying customers.
      Long-time BJU supporter told me today that they would not send their children to go to BJU until BJU gets this behind them. So, put this unnecessary GRACE delay on top of the concern for the next president choice on top of BJU still not on the SACS applicants list…attracting paying customers indeed.

      1. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

        You raise an important question: Why didn’t BJU look before it leaped? My guess is that BJU was confident that there was little out there that they didn’t know about–they do keep pretty good records, after all–so why not turn over everything to the choice of the Disaffected?

  2. Broddddddieeeeee

    I see it exactly the opposite. I think ABWE and BJU have wounded themselves. If GRACE is wounded, that’s a marginal by-product – they’re a marginal organization to begin with. In the end, we’ll have to wait and see. Will BJU outlast Rumpelstiltskin? I doubt it.

  3. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

    I don’t know if BJU made the right choice, but it was a gutsy choice, something neither supporters or detractors of BJU anticipated. GRACE assumed it could grind its own ax without worrying that BJU might call a halt so close to completion of the report–the PR cost would be too great for BJU. And then BJU pulled the plug. Like I said, I wish the school hadn’t gotten involved with GRACE in the first place, but it took fortitude to pull out like that.

    1. Watching the "Slippery Slope"

      You seem to be in an inner loop stating that GRACE was grinding its own ax. Also you must know more than most to be so confident in support of BJU’s reasons for pulling the plug. So far the only reasons we out of the loop know (based on Stephen/BJU PR) are 1) leadership changes, 2) concerns about how GRACE was pursuing BJU’s objectives, 3) and reasons not shared with GRACE or “with anybody else”. Maybe as more is revealed others will too be supportive of their reasons, but surely you can see the basis for concern at this point.

  4. lostchildnowfound

    Just remember in all of this – BJU had the opportunity to accept the GRACE report graciously. Now, they have a right to see people’s stories in the newspaper pages and on the TV screens of the national media. Stephen has done this.

    Allow me remind everyone (as a individual who took part in the GRACE Investigation) that the *plan* was for a sterile typed document drafted by lawyers with no specifics (names, details) to be published. When SJ/BJU threw that out the window, if course the ugly details will now emerge. If they were trying to protect people who were in the wrong they’ve just actually made it worse. Let the truth come out and let there be specifics. SJ and BJU chose this action. Not the survivors and certainly not GRACE.

    1. A James

      That reminds me that if you read the New Tribes final GRACE report, you will see the way GRACE reports. You can also see New Tribes response to GRACE’s report–stating what they agreed with, plans to correct and move forward, as well as stating disagreements. Being this close to putting this issue behind them and needing to move ahead with selecting a president (moving forward), they could have gone this same more peaceable, productive, credibility-building route.

  5. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

    Slope, I’m not in any inner loop and have no more information than you–though it doesn’t take much imagination to guess at GRACE’s agenda. BJU certainly could have accepted whatever GRACE threw at them and followed the New Tribes course. But BJU decided to pull the plug and accept the bad PR. That took courage.

    1. Watching the "Slippery Slope"

      Then, since you aren’t in any inner loop, I find it very disheartening that, based on what limited information we have so far, you would call their actions “gutsy” and courageous.

      1. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

        In my view, there are really only two ways of explaining the decision. Either the administration carefully considered the consequences of its action and made a courageous decision to accept all the negative consequences, or the decision is nonsensical.

    1. A James

      Thanks for the link. I wish I had saved another one from last year that was discussing ABWE’s GRACE termination where commenters said they could imagine BJU doing the same thing. It is a shame that BJU went through all of this time, effort, and expense to gain trust only to lose more in the long run.

  6. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

    The blogger suggested that the NEXT president might “either fire GRACE or suppress the upcoming GRACE report.” But it was Stephen Jones who pulled the plug. That took courage.

    1. A James

      Speculation warning.

      “I don’t know if BJU made the right choice, but it was a gutsy choice, something neither supporters or detractors of BJU anticipated.” I would think that with both supporters and detractors not anticipating it, it would be more indicative of a foolish choice that would disappoint even more of their constituents.

      How can it be courageous for Stephen to end his presidency by terminating one of his landmark projects that pursued a “culture of appropriate change”–secretly and without clear explanation?

      At this point, it looks more like Stephen is being used as a scapegoat by the III or the Executive Committee to bear this termination storm. They hope the storm will subside so that the new president can move forward. Better for Stephen to have bravely endured the final anticipated report storm bravely than this.

      The Bible Madness article brings up an interesting point: “I believe we’ll get a GRACE report. They have the time. Stephen, unless he has truly relinquished all powers, is still president until May.” I still find it interesting that Larry Jackson signed the termination letter alongside of Stephen. What is that all about? Stephen would only do it if the EC would carry the blame? etc. etc.

      Bible Madness also said: “I certainly don’t want BJU to fire GRACE. I can just hear the criticism, “The problem wasn’t with GRACE, it was BJU that fired them!” GRACE will be martyred on BJU’s altar of immediacy” and “If we don’t get a GRACE report, the very people who criticize me for being a conspiracy nut will themselves become conspiracy nuts. You don’t want that to happen, BJU! Otherwise, they’ll have no credibility.”

      And here we are almost two months later living this out.

  7. Korrine Britton

    I can’t believe there is anyone who sees BJU pulling the plug on the GRACE investigation as a good thing.

    While I was relatively quick to write off BJU back during the Chuck Phelps debacle, my former preacher-boy, BJU grad, pastor-husband was willing to give the University the benefit of the doubt. This latest snafu on the part of BJU has thoroughly convinced him (and many other alumni who previously supported the University) that Jones & Co. have something to hide.

    This was the worst possible choice (from a purely PR perspective) BJU could possibly have made. We have 5 children to whom we will not recommend our alma mater. And there are countless others like us.

  8. baldjonesgrad

    Move along folks. There’s nothing to see here. GRACE wouldn’t be BJU’s lapdog. The draft report must have brought out accounts of old classes teaching that the preacher boys should avoid marrying any girl who has been molested. (These girls somehow must have been at least partially to blame?) Anyway they are damaged goods.

    Face it. BJU doesn’t want their misogynistic, Taliban teachings to come out into the public. Bad PR. Satan thinks it was awesome that BJ decided to re-victimize the females who bravely came forward to the GRACE investigators. Well done, Bob Jones. Grape or cherry Kool aid?

    1. Korrine Britton

      Well, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. They’ve told us for years they’re “standing without apology.”

    2. A James

      Come on, baldjonesgrad, catch up with the “culture of appropriate change”…that would be either a Bruin “Berry Blue” or “Blue Raspberry” flavor.

  9. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

    At this point, we’re all speculating. We don’t know why BJU ended the investigation. We don’t even know why GRACE signed a contract allowing BJU to end the investigation.

    1. Korrine Britton

      Yes, we’re speculating. But baldjonesgrad is former law enforcement. I trust his instinct on this. Especially because I was made aware of Erin Burchwell’s abuse back when I was still a student, along with horror stories from other female students.

      BJU definitely has something to hide.

    2. Watching the "Slippery Slope"

      Okay, this makes me feel some better. You acknowledge we are all speculating–along with prematurely assigning guts and courage to their actions, surely.

  10. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

    My opinion is that if BJU had had something to hide, it wouldn’t have hired GRACE in the first place.

    1. A James

      I’m not so sure it was a scheme as much as a lack of wisdom and forethought throughout the process (from beginning to now). (The reason I’m not so sure on the scheme part is that Stephen has put much effort into separating from the university’s past image. He seemed in earnest.) But say it really was a scheme from the beginning, the article link below gives ideas on how an institution might give the appearance of looking apologetic/transparent by hiring GRACE only to plan to terminate at some point hoping that their initial acts of goodwill will override the doubts that may arise when they terminate.

      The fact that Jackson has repeatedly emphasized that they have approved Stephen’s changes during his years as president seems to indicate III and the Board were behind the initial GRACE efforts. That would lend some credence to your thought: “My opinion is that if BJU had had something to hide, it wouldn’t have hired GRACE in the first place.” Also, the infamous Nov. 2011 sermon about abuse
      with III saying “it will not be swept under the rug” would lead credence that they didn’t believe they had anything to hide.

      Until further information, some of the explanations I see are:
      1) They initially thought they had nothing to hide, hired GRACE, realized they did have something to hide, terminated GRACE.
      2) They knew there were problems in the past, hired GRACE, began worrying about the negative impact of a final report, terminated GRACE.
      3) It was a scheme…they knew they had something to hide, but they wanted to make a public show of reparation as far as they could go knowing they planned to terminate.

      I guess you are perhaps suggesting a
      4) They initially thought they had nothing to hide, hired GRACE, still believed they had nothing to hide, and terminated GRACE. That doesn’t make much sense to me…if you have nothing to hide, follow through and be done with this speculation.
      or, it seems what you might be suggesting is
      4) They initially thought they had nothing to hide, hired GRACE, realized there were some true ethical problems with GRACE, terminated GRACE (Again, this doesn’t make much sense to me unless they are willing to share the problems to alleviate the speculation).

      I’m speculated out for the day!

      1. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

        Thanks for that thoughtful response. I largely agree with #4, adding that I believe that BJU hasn’t shared its disagreements with GRACE because negotiations continue, both sides understanding the mutual benefit of completing the project together. After GRACE betrayed the University’s confidence by making the termination letter public while BJU planned a face-to-face meeting, SJ continued to call GRACE a “partner.” I have a pretty decent idea about how BJjr would have responded.

        1. Korrine Britton

          “…GRACE betrayed the University’s confidence by making the termination letter public while BJU planned a face-to-face meeting…”

          GRACE employs attorneys who were likely consulted before the letter was made public. Additionally, putting the word “confidential” on a letter doesn’t make it legally confidential.

          Neither Stephen’s termination letter, the official BJU PR statement, nor GRACE’s public statement mentioned anything about a face to face meeting. Either Stephen mentioned it in his recent address to the student body as a red herring, or the admin considered meeting with GRACE as a way to appease those speaking out.

  11. A James

    LOL, I think we both have a pretty decent idea that Jr. would have never dreamed of partnering with GRACE in the first place and might quoth Shakespeare on such “strange bedfellows.” Incrementalism, incrementalism.

    Anyway, I think I understand your perspective at this point. I think we differ as to the amount of the benefit of the doubt we are able to give to BJU based on what we know so far. Two things play on my mind with what you’ve said…”BJU hasn’t shared its disagreements with GRACE…” — the question remains “why not after a year of working with them”. Stephen said they have had concerns for “several months”–yet nothing indicated in the November update or in faculty/staff meetings. I’m still in shock at their waiting to this late date to deal with disagreements.

    Then, two, “GRACE betrayed the University’s confidence by making the termination letter public…”–the other perspective is that others feel like the University betrayed our confidence by not publicly announcing the termination even after almost two weeks of the letter. It would have been the transparent, commendable thing to have done that at least–to take the offensive rather than the defensive, so to speak. GRACE, “Despite repeated requests, GRACE has not been informed of why the agreement was terminated,” fulfilled the obligation to inform the public of the termination. As to a confidential letter being a part of it, I don’t know–we need a lawyer to weigh in on that, I guess. What I do know is that the reasons in the letter, the PR release, and the university family meeting are inconsistent.

    What we need is strong leadership at BJU. Which leads me to another concern with this whole topic. We need strong leadership at BJU asap. Having GRACE/any investigation unresolved only delays the presidential search because, apart from the blindly loyal, who would dare step in the middle of such. I’m sensing these both (GRACE and president delay) will also affect faculty/staff returns and enrollment.

    Anyway, thanks for the thoughts. Meanwhile, we wait…

  12. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

    Korrine, I didn’t say that GRACE’s behavior was illegal—unethical perhaps, unneighborly for sure.

  13. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

    A James, I have no idea why the University waited so long to express its concerns to GRACE, though SJ’s recurrent periods of illness and surprised resignation certainly put a lot on everyone’s plate. I’m sure the University hoped to negotiate a new contract with GRACE without the cringe-worthy publicity that might—and in fact, did—result from announcing the termination of the contract. Personally, I had no need to know how BJU and GRACE were getting along and felt no sense of betrayal when it was revealed that they weren’t. The reasons given for the termination are only inconsistent in the way the Gospels are; a synthetic imagination usually resolves the difficulty. As for your final paragraph, we’re in complete agreement.

  14. A James

    You are asking a lot of me to use synthetic imagination for words from a human institution as I would for God-breathed Scripture, but I’ll keep that explanation in mind 😉

  15. turkbenistan

    The only synthesis coming to my mind are the close relationship in time between S. Jones’ resignation, and BJU’s termination of the investigation. Now it would be a fallacy to believe that two things have a cause and effect relationship merely because one follows the other closely in time, so I’ll just say that in my opinion, the only thing that could cause the Jones family to relinquish control of the Presidency of BJU would be the aversion of a massive scandal.

  16. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

    Right. That’s a “post hoc ergo propter hoc” (“after this, therefore because of this”) fallacy. So, you mention that it’s a logical fallacy and commit it anyway. At least you include the words, “in my opinion.”

  17. turkbenistan

    Listen Anson, I didn’t commit any logical fallacy. I have informed opinions, and they are based on long years of experience. I’m not forming a scientific hypothesis, and I’m not in a court of law, so you can quit with the fundamentalist nit-picking and “post hoc ergo propter hoc” arrogant bull****. I took Latin in college (not BJU), and I’m more interested in comunicating my ideas than trying to show off. Unfortunately, the professors at the christian “Harvard” have deluded themselves into thinking that just because the fundamentalist faithful are impressed with them, that they are actually scholars. There’s one thing you consistently exercise on this forum, and that’s arrogance.
    Frankly, I am being kind to Bob Jones University. I have personally suffered physical and psychological abuse at the hands of graduates of Bob Jones University (as a child). Are you relieved that Bob Jones discontinued the G.R.A.C.E. investigation because you are a child abuser? Or are you just relieved that you still have a job, because you know that no REAL University would ever hire you? I nothing but utter contempt for you and everyone like you at BJU because you abuse children, cover up the abuse of children, and are too twisted psychologically to realize it. You and your kind disgust me.
    Instead of posting arrogant trash on this website, why don’t you do something positive, like hang a millstone around your neck and throw yourself into the BJU swimming pool?

  18. Anson Mills [BJU Professor John Matzko]

    You don’t need to beat around the bush. Just let us know what you really think.

    1. Broddddddieeeeee

      Would it be preferable that “turkbenistan” find a scripture that describes why you or someone else should be stoned with stones? That, it appears, isn’t inflammatory at all in some circles. I recall a dear mutual friend of ours who employed that strategy in a discussion not many years ago.

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