BJU Quietly Cuts Four More Majors [Update: No]

Update: BJU has responded to this news, citing a “technical issue” and adding majors back.

BJU has removed four majors from its list of offered programs:


-Journalism and Mass Communications

-Health and Fitness Recreation

-Pre-Physical Therapy
Back in 2012, BJU cut or consolidated dozens of its academic programs at the request of its Academic Counsel in response to declining enrollment and shrinking faculty. But that change came with at least some warning in the form of documents leaked by BJU News.

This change was done quietly, with no announcement. The only way to see the changes is to compare this Wayback Machine cache of the website with its current contents. The four majors above were cut sometime between February 13th of this year and today.
The most likely explanations for the changes are, by now, familiar: declining enrollment, lack of funds and scarcity of teachers. Another possibility is that BJU is prepping to submit its application to SACS and needs to eliminate any programs that aren’t up to par in some way. SACS applicants are not allowed to make any changes to academic programs after an application is submitted (see Page 37 of that link).


15 thoughts on “BJU Quietly Cuts Four More Majors [Update: No]

  1. Anon

    Will you print a retraction to your claims about cutting majors please? Any organization with half a brain cell wouldn’t publish news that wasn’t true. I expected more from this site and would like to see an apology for false information.

    1. BJU News

      We updated this post and our social media accounts as soon as BJU responded and fixed its error. What else are you looking for?

      1. Jim

        Bju didn’t respond to you, they just had a website glitches which is common in the workplace. Your “reporting” didn’t make them fix it, you guys give yourselves way too much credit

      2. A James

        BJU did make contact with Truth and/or BJU News as can be seen by the message of clarification Randy Page sent to them. So, yes they did respond. BJU has now fixed their technical difficulties. BJU News has updated. You are giving yourself way too much credit for finding a non-existent devil in the details.

  2. A James

    In the spirit of Anson:
    No way was I going to read a reproof from someone in behalf of an institution that allows such bad fashion statements: (guy student with solid orangey-yellow sweater and bright green pants)

    “BJU has removed four majors from its list of offered programs.” That’s what any person with half a brain cell or unaccredited degree would think when going to the BJU site and see that those majors are no longer listed and finding “page not found” under descriptions.

    1. Anon

      Ever heard of website maintenance moron? There are thousands of us doing just fine on our “unaccredited degrees” making good money and having a good life. Someday you’ll get out of your Mom’s basement and maybe then you’ll realize that BJU is not the cause or reason for your problems.

      1. turkbenistan

        Oooooh, the gloves come off, LOL. Better watch yourself A James. Next, he may punch you in the arm or give you a wedgy. Or even worse, he may even stoop so low as to accuse you of owning an Atari 2600. But don’t worry, I’ve got you’re back…I’ll humiliate him at the arcade this weekend by challenging him to a game of Pole Position (I’ve got the high score, heh heh).

      2. A James

        Well, thank you for the edifying note to start the day with. That seems to prove that Anon is not Anson. I was wondering. Anson would have bantered over some verbal usage failing all in good clean fun…and that’s what mine was. Also, as I am still mulling over Monroe’s sermon on Slander, from Faith/March 2 AM, trying to discern what is or is not slander…you’ve given me my first sample of what slander might be…”critical derogatory untrue speech that is malicious in its intent…injuring my reputation…judging rather than evaluation…an ego trip…with audacity to come to quick conclusions without having all the facts…and thinking everyone would care what they think…out of bitter resentful hearts..” I believe his words of advice were to “not enter the fray with the slanderer since there is no reason to take confidence in a personal relationship to Jesus Christ…” but since I’m not convinced that calling me moron along with a list of untrue statements about me constitutes slander…I shall proceed…

        Kid–at least you sound like one…in fact your tone sounds much like that childish bitter Collegian opinion article–anyway…we easily have our advanced and outside terminal over here…and as I’ve shared elsewhere, we’re doing just fine with them…more than “just fine”. Anyone who knows me knows I use “unaccredited degree” endearingly even while presently voting for accreditation.

        Per Randy Page, per Truth, “Effective with the 2014-2015 academic year, BJU is discontinuing the pre-physical therapy and health, fitness and recreation majors. A teach out plan for students currently involved in the discontinued majors has been communicated to the current students involved in these programs.” So, as always, there is truth or clue of substance to be found at BJU News. It’s why I even come here…as Baldy said below…”a lot of this is due to failure to communicate”. We find it hard to trust them these days with their misspeak, doublespeak, nonspeak.

        “Website maintenance”…there is some serious website maintenance needed over there (a PR firm could help them with this as well), so there is no reason these days for me to give them a benefit of the doubt that it was a temporary suspension or pausing of information rather than a termination.

        Thanks, Turk, I’m sure I’ll need you. I’ve never had to stoop to this level of dialogue in my short blog commenting career. In this case I don’t know whether to ignore such comments (in light of Proverbial instructions concerning fools) or to spar. In any case, in light of your warning, l’ll pull out our Atari 10-in-1 joystick, dust off the Wii U/flat panel, heat up the Keurig, and turn on a whole home sound system for some ambience should it come to that. Sorry, Anon, my Mom lives too far away, and she doesn’t have a basement. As for my problems…seems the only one I have today is you…and BJU just might be to blame for that.

        Yet, regardless of my one little problem, Anon, you are right, “we’re doing just fine…and having a good life…” and in celebration of that one little point of agreement, I won’t let you get me down:
        “We’ve all got our stories, but please tell me
        What there is to complain about
        This has gotta be the good life
        This could really be a good life, good life…”

      3. Jim

        Exactly and I have a surgeon friend who will verify her degree and bju prepared her exponentially for med school as well as a current masters wake forest student who was asked by the dean of students to be a part of a new recruiting program at bju because the caliber of students has consistently outperformed that of other higher ranked state schools. But you guys don’t like those kinds of tips or reports….

      4. A James

        Not sure who you are responding to, Jim. My point in pointing out how my family isn’t suffering with their BJU degrees was to point out Anon’s moronic stereotypical assumptions that people who are struggling with their degrees are the ones calling out BJU on other issues (including seeking accreditation).

      5. Bilbo Baggins

        Jim – those reports are the exception rather than the rule. Learn about what regional accreditation is/does/requires. Learn about what can happen to regionally accredited institutions who take the risk of accepting unaccredited transfers. You can always find an exception to justify something (that seems to be BJU’s M.O.), but that doesn’t prove a blessed thing, nor does it in any way redefine the big picture. You seem a little edgy… might want to chillax a bit and let the ol’ blood pressure drop for a while, eh?

  3. baldjonesgrad

    It appears that a lot of this is due to failure to communicate. BJU is receiving close national scrutiny after the GRACE debacle. If I were a decision maker at the school, I would hire a PR firm to help dig out.

    1. turkbenistan

      I’m pretty sure they already have…seems like I remember that Bob Jones IV is working for such a firm in Greenville now, and seems like I heard they were doing work for the art gallery. I could be off base, but doesn’t it weem likely that they would be doing work (maybe off the boks) for BJU Proper? Just conjecture, I know. But hey, it’s better than nothing 🙂

  4. turkbenistan

    “Exactly and I have a surgeon friend who will verify her degree and bju prepared her exponentially for med school…”

    Exactly how does one get prepared exponentially for something? Does one have to modify the relationship of space to time or something? It sounds like a procedure that NASA might like to look in to, since our knowledge is supposedly growing exponentially. I just sat here trying to imagine what it must feel like to get prepared exponentially. It made my head hurt. Duh. Maybe I should attend Tennessee Temple.

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