BJU Responds to Our “Character Probation” Post, Contests Details

Responding to our leaked document posted yesterday, BJU PR man and conservative political activist Randy Page commented on a BJU News Facebook post in an attempt to clarify the school’s “Character Probation” program.

Page did not contest the legitimacy of the letter we posted.

Instead, commenting as the official BJU Facebook account, Page claimed that the program is not new and is minor in scope. This conflicts a few details our source provided us with yesterday.

Click here to see Page’s comment on Facebook, or see below for a screenshot.




12 thoughts on “BJU Responds to Our “Character Probation” Post, Contests Details

  1. formerfundy1992

    According to the letter the program is only for upper classmen, there for Randy’s statistic is inappropriate. Basically he is saying only 2 upper classmen are not dorm leaders. That speaks to the immense decline in enrollment (which eh will twist into something they want, but the administrations words say otherwise.)

  2. John Matzko

    Conflicts with just a few details: like the program wasn’t new, the letter wasn’t sent to every upperclassman who wasn’t a “spiritual leader” [love those sneer quotes], and there were only two people affected. (Not much anonymity for the leaker if he’s in a group of two.)

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  4. tnjaguar

    This “character probation” is still highly inappropriate even if it only applies to one person. The fact is that nobody can truly tell what is in someone else’s heart, especially not another student with little or no adult life experience. Someone could end up on this probation without “struggling” at all, but for merely not addding up to someone else’s idea of “spiritual”. I know people who have been condemned spiritually for such things as introversion, being a night owl, or for even having the wrong hair texture. Even if a student is honest about struggling, is a disciplinary action really the way to go instead of a gentler, non-punitive mentoring? Wait, that didn’t exist at BJU either. Only heavy-handed and intrusive “counseling” was available for even the smallest and most normal of problems. All this “character probation” will do is discourage the truly troubled and confuse someone put on it wrongly. This is a terrible idea.

  5. Linda M. Fossen

    When is Randy Page going on “character probation” for disrespecting survivors and contacting their employers trying to get them fired for speaking out?

  6. jared

    It is sad that the “university” I graduated from so little emphasis on academics.

  7. diachenko

    Anytime a BJU spokesperson says something is “minor,” you can put good money on it being major. Remember when Bob III told Larry King that the interracial dating policies were minor, that they were never preached on or talked about? Yeah. Right.

  8. Ezra Hemmingway

    I’m with Diachenko… this is classic double-speak from BJU… they have a long tradition of doing that about most everything.

  9. A James

    Dear Mr. Pettit,

    Would you please replace Eric Newton, Jon Daulton and Deneen Lawson? I am at a loss as whether to laugh or cry at the unfathomable timing of making such a change in student life policy. Add to the unfathomable timing, the unfathomable decision to put such spiritual arrogance on open display. From what I have heard of you and the great respect young people have of your compassionate discipleship, I am hoping this bothers you as much as it is bothering many alumni.

    Would you also please replace Randy Page? I am also at a loss as to his ongoing choices to make such scenes at such a time as this with the storm of GRACE approaching. It is wearying and embarrassing. I would like your new presidency to be better represented with someone having a better ability to communicate wisely.

    Yours kindly, and with a slight ray of hope that is watching and praying for you,
    A James

  10. Waldo

    So only 2 students got this letter, eh? I guess that means it’s easy enough to find the leak now. Sorry, dude. It was nice knowing you before you get shipped back to your homestate, broker and less educated than before.
    When I was a student at Boob Jones, when I struggled, I told no one “in authority.” Better to suffer alone than seek help and get shot for it. The only person I ever talked to about spiritual matters was my best friend, and bless his heart he never told anybody what I was struggling with. He was an APC, but he never let it go up the chain.

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