Bruin Expenditures Near $1 Million for 2014 Fiscal Year

BJU’s spending on its Bruins sports program has reached nearly $1 million in the past year, according to a US DOE report:

This is about a 15% increase from last year,  the first year Bruins financial data was available.

The data can be viewed by searching for Bob Jones University from this landing page on the DOE site. Also of note are the average salaries BJU pays its coaches:

One last number: the DOE puts BJU’s undergrad enrollment at 2,691.



9 thoughts on “Bruin Expenditures Near $1 Million for 2014 Fiscal Year

  1. baldjonesgrad

    How can they possibly justify paying their coaches poverty wages? Is that an example of how they pay faculty and staff? It’s shameful. I remember Dr. Bob Jr. driving his Mercedes. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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