Confirmed: Stephen Jones Is Now An “Antiques Curator”

Perhaps our earlier speculation about Stephen Jones’ burgeoning career in academia was incorrect. It’s been confirmed that the former BJU President is now the proprietor of an antiques shop in downtown Greenville.

This week, a tipster sent this picture to the watchdog Facebook group Truth-Seeking Graduates of Bob Jones:

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This interesting but unconfirmed bit of news was augmented by a separate tipster who sent us this picture today of the same location:

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All of this was mere conjecture until yet another anonymous source (lots of helpful people these days) sent us this email, from the BJU President’s office:

So, there you go. Stephen Jones is now an art curator.



2 thoughts on “Confirmed: Stephen Jones Is Now An “Antiques Curator”

  1. Zota64

    Well, hypothetically of course, if you’ve got to unload a lot of the family’s art collection and you want to do it slowly over time so it’s not too obvious, then a gallery is a great place from which to do so. Also, don’t assume that all items are being sold locally. Running a gallery allows you easy access to a network of other galleries, shipping services, brokers, etc…

    Of course, this could all just be a bit of creative whimsy on Stephen’s part, but I’ve got a few reservations.

    As to “why, if he were facilitating such nefarious deeds, would he choose to locate right there in Greenville?”, that’s easy. If you were going to undertake such things and you moved to another state in order to do so away from easy observation, upon finding out, people would/could become upset over such secrecy. But if you’re doing so from within the shadow of the organization to which you hold title, why who’s going to suspect your motives. You’re right there… what could you possibly be trying to get away with?

    Hypothetically, of course. I speak as a fool.

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