BJU Apologizes Ahead of “Painful” 300-Page GRACE Report, Bob Wood Scrubbed From BJU Site

Here are all of our posts on the two-year GRACE investigation.

Here’s the chapel message where Bob Jones III said BJU has always handled sexual abuse situations correctly.

It’s been an eventful day for Bob Jones University and its supporters/detractors, as early this morning it was announced the full GRACE report will be released (and made available for download) tomorrow morning at 11am EST. Let’s run down today’s many developments:

At 8AM this morning Boz Tchividjian, Executive Director of GRACE, tweeted that details of the report’s release would be coming soon:

A few hours later, GRACE published this .pdf announcing the timing of the release, as well as hinting at its scope and “painful” contents:

This was followed by a flurry of media attention:

About an hour after the announcement, BJU President Steve Pettit took the stage during BJU Chapel to officially announce the report’s release to the University. BJU made the video and transcript of this sessions available afterwards:

Note: although the University has published that video publicly, we have obtained our own copy of the audio from a source who was present today. In the event that BJU decides to delete its copy of this meeting, ours is available here for listening.

Reactions to the announcement from alumni and other affected parties were as diverse as you would expect:

These responses come from the University’s Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 5.21.29 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-10 at 5.20.03 PM  Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 5.21.23 PM

Clearly, GRACE has taken nearly two years to produce this report for a reason: it appears to be exhaustive and comprehensive. At 300 pages, it promises to provide months worth of analysis for all sides. Just as clear is that the report will contain disturbing, possibly even shocking details.

In another fascinating development, it appears that BJU is scrubbing information about former Executive Vice President Bob Wood from its site. Wood’s former profile appeared here but has been deleted. Wood is now only listed as a member of the Board of Trustees. Although possibly a coincidence, it appears BJU is distancing itself from Wood in light of the GRACE report because of this embarrassing video which surfaced last year.

To sum up: The 300-page GRACE report, the culmination of two years of work on the part of GRACE and victims, will finally be released tomorrow despite BJU’s shocking attempt to derail it last winter. All that remains now is to wait.


7 thoughts on “BJU Apologizes Ahead of “Painful” 300-Page GRACE Report, Bob Wood Scrubbed From BJU Site

  1. R.W.Whisman

    We have learned REPEATEDLY from Richard Nixon to Martha Stewart, et al, that cover-ups get individuals and institutions in FAR more trouble than coming clean. People can take a lot, if someone will just LEVEL with them. That is all we ask.

  2. 1911man

    I heartily agree that Bob Jones III should be subject to Personnel action. Sounds like the Grace Report is recommending the old phony be canned! Should have been done during the Interracial Dating Controversy when he went on Larry King Live and lied to the World about BJU not teaching that the Bible taught that interracial dating/marriage was wrong! Whatever the controversy surrounding BJU, Bob Jones III practiced every manner of deception, lying, duplicity, hypocrisy, double-dealing with the truth and repeated betrayal of the standards of conduct he used to judge and condemn those with whom he disagreed!

    1. James

      All too true. If nothing else, just let him “retire” and get out of the way. The place needs a cold, stirring wind to go through it, blow out the cobwebs and get things where they need to be. Hope this is at least a start.

      1. R.W.Whisman


        The big dipper scolded
        The little dipper
        Because she wasn’t
        Being ladle-like

        If any man grabbed her
        Plunging her into the soup
        It was HER fault for not
        Marching with the troop

        She needed to get in line
        Goose-stepping all the way
        Strutting forward in lock-step
        And all the rules obey

  3. R.W.Whisman

    He has judged others, NOW, it is HIS turn. Let’s see how HE likes it. He has made a career, living by the sword of criticism. He that lives by the sword…

  4. 1911man

    James and R.W., James, agreed. The University needs a complete shakeup. Won’t happen – nepotism and good ol’ boy cronyism powerful forces in large organizations. Yes, what goes around comes around. Years ago, Charles Underwood wrote Bob Jones III an excellent (amazingly prophetic) Open Letter. He told Bob III and Bob Jr. words to the effect, ‘be careful how you treat others on the way up. You may see those same people on the way down!’ (Anyone interested in seeing how BJU/the Jonesians react to such controversies should read Underwood’s letter and the Bob Jones University Weblog articles on BJU and its handling of the Interracial Dating Ban. I penned a four-part series on the interracial dating ban. It’s not a great piece of writing but it is an attempt at exposing the Jonesian-way.)

    After Underwood’s Open Letter the University continued its ascent to the top of the heap in fundamentalism. I was at BJU late ’70’s to early ’80’s. About 6500 students, if you can believe what BJU claimed.

    Now, people are fleeing the place in droves, and the University is going to need to, as Underwood warned, hire a 5th Avenue PR firm to stop the slide. I doubt the Board or Petit have the manly orbs necessary to fire His Highness, Bob Jones III from his lofty position as Chancellor. But if Bob III was ousted, I suspect the sheep would react to his exit just like one lady did when Jim Baker was ousted from PTL. The woman said, “PTL without Jim Baker is like heaven without Jesus!” But, the leaven of hypocrisy has so permeated BJU, that it may be impossible for BJU to be salvaged in any meaningful way.

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