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18 thoughts on “Send Us A Tip

  1. A James

    I do not know if this is tip-worthy. Use or discard as you wish.
    Yesterday at the end of President’s Club chapel, Stephen encouraged the students to dress more modestly. He did not give specifics, and then continued on to say that after Thanksgiving, the dress policies would be changed so that guys could now wear jeans and girls could wear pants anywhere on campus after 7 PM and all day on Sunday. The student body broke out into applause and cheering that was as good or better than any applause for the spiritual awards presented that day. He then went on to generally remind them again of being more modest.

    I know some may react differently to this policy change. But a couple of things struck me…it seems strange to make this big of a change in the middle of the school year…do they plan to bolster enrollment with this and make the final change of casual dress to classes by next year? Also, remember one of your leaked documents has their response to the question of “why not casual dress on front campus”. The response was “we want to protect our front campus image”.

    For what it’s worth in the inconsistency department…

  2. A James

    See title picture for “Spartans Cruise by Bruins”.
    Did you ever think you’d see secular cheerleaders at a BJU endorsed event, much less on their website uncropped? Did you ever think you’d see BJU Public Relations brag about being on ESPN? Did you ever think you’d see BJU faculty/students enjoying an atmosphere where “We will, we will rock you” is blasting during breaktime? This must be what “embracing a culture of appropriate change” means. Maybe Bruins cheerleaders are next!

  3. A James

    At they state:
    “ applauds this relaxation on the part of the Administration toward students’ eclectic musical preferences, and we humbly ask that a similar approach to a broader appreciation for varied musical styles extend to chapel. “Our God Reigns” comes to mind, or perhaps, “There is a Redeemer,” which has passed into hymnals everywhere.”

    Those who applaud might be encouraged a bit by chapel these days. Amazingly, they now sing Twila Paris choruses (lyrics and name displayed on the large screens). Even Getty songs sung by student body and choir. This, the same chapel, where scathing remarks were made years ago about Steve Green’s local concert. I guess the new music philosophy (see: gave them enough flexibility under to allow this. Many of the permissible BJU churches now worship willingly with SGM and Getty, etc. music. (After all Hamilton and Coleman have so many of them in the easily accepted Rejoice Hymnal now.) Now, they don’t have worship teams, and they do sing them in a sanctified manner and all that. But, hold on to hope!

    1. A James

      Palmetto Baptist Church (poster boy Bible faculty Ormiston’s church) might encourage you, too. It is heavily attended by BJU students. With not so sanctified heavily syncopated accompaniments to newer CCM songs along with the emphasis on de-emphasizing externals and building bridges for the gospel, they are a leading envelope pusher. No worship team or drums, but as close as you can come and stay on the approved church list. No pressure to wear a suit coat here, either. Maybe Ormiston (of Northland/Central/Westminster heritage) can positively affect future university music guidelines.

    2. Shelley

      I was in that chapel and there was nothing scathing. It was a careful humble explanation of the schools position given in a thoughtful way with careful explanation. The Gettys lyrics are sound and the simple Plano arrangements are different than the Gettys style,

  4. A James

    I’m sure you already know that Jeremy Sweatt gave a testimony of sorts today, December 11, before Stephen preached, and that there is a faculty/staff meeting on Friday per the Calendar of Events. Just wondering how if any of the dots of rumors are connected.

  5. Watching the "Slippery Slope"

    A Christmas gift for those wanting BJU to keep “loosening up”.
    See announcement about Vespers on the home page:
    A Getty song included in the program, and the Getty song given a place of honor as the name of the program. Rejoice!

  6. Watching the "Slippery Slope"

    Tips for Thought:
    After three BJU magazines full of Bruin PR, the most recent has a cover picture of a poor mission field child (contrast that with the $800,000 athletic department). There is only one page concerning the Bruins Foundation. The back cover, I guess, is trying to quell the conservative concerns as it advertises the “In the World, but Not of It” Seminary Conference.
    A little obvious there that they got “a few” complaints about the past issues?

    For what it’s worth, they are making available space heaters for those who need to come in and work during the Christmas Break. Trying to save $50,000 dollars on bills this season.

    And, concerning the more flexible church attendance policies. Here’s an example of what they are doing now. Take North Hills Community Church. Faculty are clearly not allowed to go there. Students can go there if their families go there. The student intranet list of churches does not list NH for the general student population to choose from. But town and dorm students may attend if they/parents decide it is the best for them. The handbook and the website have different wording on how to choose a church. The list on the internet is a lot smaller than the list on the student intranet, and of course, still does not include NH. They need to decide who they are and “own it”.

  7. Watching the "Slippery Slope"

    Can anybody find out what happened to the Bruin Core blog? At 1:08ish PM on Tuesday, January 28 the pages started disappearing.

  8. Watching the "Slippery Slope"

    On BJU Facebook yesterday (Wednesday, January 29), someone said, “It’d be great if the girls could keep warm in pants rather than skirts.”
    Bob Jones University “Yes, weekend attire is ok.”
    7 · 20 hours ago
    “Thanks Bill! or whoever made that call….”
    1 · 18 hours ago

    Meanwhile, some Bruins are warm enough just practicing in their shorts.

  9. Watching the "Slippery Slope"

    In the meantime, the Wednesday and Thursday chapel times were devoted to recording the student body/faculty/staff singing to use for some project. Three of those recorded were Getty songs.


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