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Bob Jones III Comments on 2012 Election: “Neither Candidate Represents Anything That Any Of Us In This Room Believes”

Bob Jones III made some pointed comments about tomorrow’s Presidential elections in today’s Chapel, skewering both candidates but reserving his harshest critiques, as expected, for Barack Obama. We’ve transcibed the relevant portions of his pre-sermon political comments here:

I trust that we’re all in prayer about tomorrow…the issues here are very great, greater than political issues. The truth is that while neither candidate for President represents in his faith anything that any of us in this room believes, there is a marked difference in the way they view government and how they view our founding principles. So the choice is a very important choice.

I do not know how any Christian could vote for a Presidential candidate who is on record as favoring same-sex marriage. Nobody can favor that without being the enemy of God. It marks a man automatically as the enemy of God because God has ordained marriage and He’s told us what it’s supposed to be. For a man to say it can be something other than what God wanted is to insult God Almighty.

Jones went on to describe Obamacare as “a tyranny against God and the First Amendment,” and encouraged students and faculty to be aware of political issues and to take action “for God’s glory.”

BJU’s relationship with conservative politics is well-documented–several GOP Presidential candidates have spoken in chapel in past years, and BJU this year referred students to the ultra-conservative Christian Coalition for political advice. That relationship has also been strained at times, though. Bob Jones III was no fan of Ronald Reagan, particularly for his choice of George H.W. Bush (who Jones called “a devil”) as Vice-President. Jones has also condemned Mormonism in the strongest terms, though he appears to prefer Governor Romney in this years’ election.