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BJU News is a repository–a simple, clean place to document news stories related to Bob Jones University. These stories might be of interest to almost anyone (or no one).


9 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. Ken

    This site seems to be fueled by bitterness and anger. I would never suggest that BJU has never done anything wrong or that they always handle situations correctly. I would think that most rational people would agree with that. However, it seems that with only negative news shared on this site, it is written with a vendetta in mind. While we are told in the Bible to “speak the truth,” this verse finishes the thought with the words “in love.” This site could be much better and more helpful to all if it would simply show some balance in the way the subjects are handled. I am not asking that you stop reporting; I am simply suggesting that you add a touch of grace to your reporting. If there is wrong-doing, it should be handled correctly, not swept under the rug. At the same time, if someone admits to it and apologizes, then maybe it would be nice to hear that part, too. It’s a shame that you are so focused on making sure BJU toes the line that you have lost the ability to share information without a modicum of kindness.

    1. A James

      Thank you for using the word “seems” a few times. If I could stomach seeing them again, I would provide link after truly nauseating link to show you that in the broad scheme of things, BJU probably counts BJU News on the friendly side of the social media. BJU News is as neutral as it can get in presenting potential issues where we need to be informed or to responsibly hold them accountable (as we were asked to do when we graduated). The comments are clearly open to one and all so the balance can be added if someone deems it missing. There has been enough one-sided limited information or non-information from them for many years. BJU News is making up for lost time. As someone on here said concerning social media: “It’s a new day of accountability.” BJU will be all the stronger as it rises to the occasion of the social media challenge. What if the information here is proven wrong? What if, through the accusations, rumors, or concerns presented here, BJU will reconsider their ways, make wiser decisions, and/or become more transparent? This is success either way for BJU. This is not a vendetta, and it is more than a modicum of kindness.

  2. A James

    But in case it goes missing…

    Ten Things To Remember
    1. We all live in an imperfect world. You cannot expect everything to be exactly right.
    2. The test of your character is your ability to fit into a new situation.
    3. People who put off little thing never put over big things.
    4. Everything which should be done for you will be done for you while you are here.
    5. God always keeps the future clean, but tomorrow will soon become yesterday.
    6. It is no disgrace to fail, but it is a disgrace to do less than your best.
    7. You don’t find happiness looking for it. You stumble over it on the road of duty.
    8. You have to live with other people. This room is a good place to learn how.
    9. In playing your part on the stage of life, do not forget the cue for truth.
    10. God does not endorse laziness. He will not do for you what you can do for yourself.
    (Dr. Bob Jones, Dr., the founder of Bob Jones University, frequently reminded the students of the importance of these truths.)

    Made to the Administration Appreciate


    Bob Jones Univerisity

  3. Rockey Whisman

    BJU is expert at turning lemons into lemonade. I applaud their skill. They used to decry accreditation. Now, they pursue it. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they are sincerely flattering every school that IS accredited by following their example. Following competitors is not leadership, is it?
    I remember someone saying, “A school that is NOT unique does not have the right to exist.” That is like GM saying Ford has no right to exist because, like GM, Ford’s cars have a steering wheel and four tires.
    So, on one hand, they promote uniqueness and on the other, they stray from it. The mind reels.


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